Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Some Important Radar News for South Oklahoma and Northeast Texas

Some very good news....
One of the worst radar "holes" (lack of coverage) in the nation covers Durant and areas to the east. In face, based on tornado + flood risk + rapid population growth = the worst radar hole in the nation. 
A ranking of radar gaps in the south central USA
Above is a map of radar gaps I prepared while I was working at AccuWeather. Nothing has significantly changed. Congress has offered to provide the National Weather Service with additional radars but, for reasons no one can fathom, the NWS and NOAA don't want them

The Durant radar data will be used by local emergency management officials as well as the National Weather Service. Clearly, it will allow for better storm warnings in that area.

It is not known whether the radar's data will be shared with anyone or any entity other than those two. I hope so as radar data becomes more valuable the more it is used. 

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