Thursday, March 9, 2023

UPDATED at 5:10pm PST: Extraordinary Precipitation Forecast for California

Thanks to Jesse Ferrell at AccuWeather, here is an updated array of river flood forecasts. 
I urge you, if you live near a river in central or northern California, to review these quickly.

Above is the 7-day precipitation forecast for California. I don't think I've ever seen amounts this high on this product. 

Here is an updated flash flood outlook for tonight. A high risk has been issued between Vandenberg and Carmel. High risks (purple) are very rare and, more than half of the time, result in one or more fatalities. 

Closeup of the "high risk" area for tonight. Stay off U.S. 1 between San Luis Obispo to Carmel. 

Below is the flash flood risk outlook for Friday. 
Please remember: Do not cross flooded areas by foot or by car. 

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