I'm Surprised it Took This Long

Given that Greta Thunberg was just given an honorary degree in theology in Great Britain, I'd say "religious" is the correct adjective. 

The tornado was "caused" by a supercell thunderstorm with instability and turning in the lower atmospheric winds. It was the same general set of circumstances that cause tornadic thunderstorms in the Great Plains but a little weaker. As explained yesterday, tornadoes are not uncommon in the Los Angeles Basin during El Nino conditions. 

I also think it is amusing that it was the politics editor who had the story published. 

Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. published a piece earlier today explaining that disasters are not getting worse with a warmer world. Of the 54 peer-reviewed papers on that topic, 53 agree with that conclusion. 

Global warming has clearly crossed into a combination of religion + politics + giant money = worse combination of all


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