Sunday, July 31, 2022

7-Day Ag Belt Rainfall

Above is the 3-day rainfall to noon in the southern farm belt a of noon.

Below is the 7-day rainfall for last week along with a departure from normal map (in inches).

Heavy rains fell from the Kansas Flint Hills to eastern Kentucky where catastrophic flooding caused 26 deaths. The moderate to heavy rain in the central High Plains was desperately needed. 

Returning to Kentucky, there is a serious risk of more heavy rain between now and 7am Monday in the area outlined in red. If you have friends or relatives there, please call and make sure they are aware of the threat.

Sunday Fun: The Last Time We Had Big Inflation

Back in the 1970's when we had huge inflation, many companies made television commercials to show how they were doing their part to keep prices down. So, for our Sunday fun, here are some inflation golden oldies. 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

At Least Twenty-Five Killed in Kentucky Flooding

The horror stories pertaining to the Kentucky flooding continue. The death toll is now 25 with the governor forecasting the death toll will continue to rise. NBC News reports that the flooding and landslides are so severe that rescue crews have not reached some areas.

There are 18,000 homes and businesses still without power. 

Here is a map of the rainfall over eastern Kentucky from Wednesday night. 

It is hard to understand why the death toll was so high as the event was reasonably well forecasted and telephones triggered by NWS flash flood warnings went off during the night
This is exactly the type of disaster for which we need a National Disaster Review Board. Otherwise, we are doomed to continue the loss of life and property in these situations. 

--- Monday Morning Update ---
Headline from Wall Street Journal:
As of Wednesday, August 3, the death toll has risen to 37.

New Movie: "Supercell"

A new movie is in post-production. It is called Supercell and it is along the lines of Twister. The rumors are that it will be released in November. If you are interested in learning more, go here

Friday, July 29, 2022

Novacoast is Moving its Headquarters to Wichita

Very pleased to report that Novacoast, an international cybersecurity company, is moving its corporate headquarters from Santa Barbara to Wichita. This will include 100 high-tech jobs. The details are here.

You may have heard last week that Panasonic is building a battery factory in Kansas that will bring 4,000 direct jobs plus another 3,500 jobs from suppliers and others. 

Wichita features a wonderful lifestyle at very low cost. Check us out! 

One Hour to Vote!

As frequent readers know, I am a strong advocate for voting YES!! in Kansas' special election pertaining to abortion. I make the non-religious case as to why this is right for Kansas, here.

Probably because I have been writing about it on the blog, I've gotten a few comments from readers. At least two have been concerned that this important vote was being held in an August primary election rather than the November general election. Well, based on the turnout when I voted today, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Wow! I have never waited for anywhere close to an hour before. 

While I hope most are voting YES, I want to salute the people of Kansas for coming out to vote in the primary and in the constitutional election. 

*One other thing: I've been asked who I would vote for on the Republican side for Attorney General? My vote was for Tony Mattivi. 

How Do Tornadoes Form?

Our friends at Survive-A-Storm Shelters asked me to answer the question, "How Do Tornadoes Form?" You'll find my answers, here.

There is still a lot we do not know about how every type of tornado (supercell, landspout, etc.) forms. But, we are making progress. Hope you enjoy reading. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

U.S. Temperatures Are NOT Increasing

You may have seen yesterday's news reports about the sad state of the U.S.'s temperature measuring network. If you missed it, the story is here

As others have pointed out, NOAA runs a superb temperature and precipitation network that was designed to be state-of-the-art and highly accurate. But, we never hear about the data it produces. Why? It does not show warming! Its data is below and a link to the U.S. Climate Research Network (USCRN) is here
When NOAA pitched the USCRN it was based on the premise that it would measure the warming temperatures across the USA. Since there is no warming, its data has been pushed into the background. 

I guess one could call the lack of warming an "inconvenient truth."

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Do We Want Kansas to Be Primarily Known For Abortion?

NPR seems to think ending Kansas as an
abortion destination is a bad thing
Do we really want to continue to be the abortion capital of the Midwest!? Liberals from outside of Kansas (from where most of the money is coming) are playing us for chumps. 

There are excellent religious and theological arguments against abortion, but I haven't used any of them. Why? They aren't needed to encourage you to vote YES!!  

Kansas, by any measure, has economically lagged behind Texas, Oklahoma and other neighboring states. Companies do not want to move to abortion-intensive areas just like they do not wish to locate near strip clubs, meat packing or rending plants. 

One good way to start to turn economy around would be to put abortion back into the realm of Kansans and our representatives rather than an activist Kansas Supreme Court -- which has virtually no accountability -- and wants to expand abortion to the day before birth. 

Consider that Michigan, like Kansas, has a woman Democrat governor. Here is an excerpt from a news story from Monday:
We aren't seeing this vindictive treatment toward women who choose to keep their babies in Kansas -- yet -- because Gov. Kelly is running for a second term. If she wins reelection, everything in Kelly's history indicates we can expect this type of pro-abortion extremism here. She and her husband, according to media reports, made charitable donations to Planned Parenthood before she got into politics.

In return, Politico reports:
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • EMILY's List 
are national organizations behind Kelly and in favor of more abortion in Kansas. They are spending tens of millions of dollars!

If YES!! passes, abortion will still be legal in Kansas. There will still be care for ectopic pregnancies and other horrible medical situations. But "we the people" can put reasonable guardrails around it. If our legislators go too far in one direction or another, we can always vote them out of office. Can't do that with the courts. 

There is one additional favorable aspect to a YES!! vote and that is that it will demonstrate to the Kansas Supreme Court that its activism can backfire. I don't think they would have "found" a right to abortion in our state's constitution if they thought it would result in the people voting for an amendment that would overturn their decision. This is our opportunity to send them a message. 

Please vote YES!! on August 2. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Record Flooding in St. Louis

This map is 12-hour rainfall to 9am. The white areas are more than ten inches. Toward upper left is the 10+inch area near O'Fallon where Interstate 70 has been closed. 

This is the radar as of 9:21am. Rain continues to fall but not at the torrential rates that fell during the night. 

This is the worst flash flood situation in the St. Louis area I can remember over the last 40+ years.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Wow!!! My Book For $13.02!!

Via Amazon, there is a sale on new copies of my book for $13.02.
You can purchase a copy here

It is a great summer read. Please purchase a copy before they raise the price. 

Desperately Needed Rain Falls in Kansas

Below is the 5-day rainfall forecast from now until 7am Saturday. The three inches of rain forecast for southwest Kansas is desperately needed (see Palmer Drought info below). Updated map posted at 2:30p.
East of the Mississippi, the rain may be too much, too fast.
West of the Mississippi the rain is desperately needed. 

Below are the 24-hr and 48-hr rainfalls across Kansas ending at 10am.

Please note the different color scale on each map. 

Below is the Palmer Drought Index as of July 17.
Since the 17th, rains have been generous over far eastern Colorado and adjacent border areas of Kansas. Additional rain will improve rangeland conditions. 

People Are Catching On

The private jet crowd is finally getting called out for all of the misery it is causing. These are not well-intended but misguided people. The Bill Gates-Al Gore-John Kerry-Prince Harry crowd seem to enjoy making life miserable for the rest of us while they increase their wealth and influence with 'solutions' that will only make things worse. 

There are a couple of good articles on this topic here and here

Unless your congressional candidates this fall are talking about nuclear and, where possible, hydro power, they are not serious about fixing our greenhouse gas problems. Windmills and solar, while useful for certain specific tasks, are not what we need to level off the rate of carbon increase. 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Congratulations Buck O'Neil

At long, long last, Buck O'Neil is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this afternoon. It is long, long  overdue!

If you are not familiar with Buck's amazing legacy, please click here

Finally, at long last.
And, his family. 

Tornado and Damaging Wind Threat Today

There is a tornado threat in New York. 

And, there is an enhanced threat of thunderstorm wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger in the red area and a significant threat in the yellow area.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Thank You!!

Several of you have recently purchased copies of my book Warnings. Thank you. There are some really good prices right now for anyone else who may be interested. It is a great, uplifting book for summer reading. 
And, thank you to the people who recently purchased images from my stock photography collection

Please note that there is no third-party advertising attached to this free blog, so the support is greatly appreciated. 

And, a reminder: This and all content © 2022 Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC

Global Warming and Europe's Heat Wave

A balanced and quality essay from Dr. Cliff Mass

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Private Jets for the Elite -- Wood Heated Homes for the Rest of Us

...and, only if the wood is available. 

This piece is intended to be cautionary: that one should not be dependent on politicians or celebrities for your information about global warming -- especially in an election year. For them, global warming advocacy is merely fashion. To illustrate, every one of these stories was published this week.

The reason politicians' and celebrities' exhortations to cut our carbon footprints bother me is because they do not come from a place where they want to make lives better for the average person. 

Many of the advocates I have personally encountered seem to enjoy getting away with the hypocrisy of private jets (by far the most carbon-intensive way of traveling) while eco-economies like Sri Lanka's collapse with great suffering and people are forced to heat their homes with scarce wood this winter. 

Some even celebrate the hypocrites (item below from Monday):
Keep in mind this corruption isn't limited to people like British royals or "eco-warrior" Leo DiCaprio. Look at this story from Monday about the governor of New York and her flying just about everywhere by helicopter and private plane. We pay for her Montana-sized carbon footprint. 

We also pay for President Biden's 'climate czar' -- John Kerry -- and his personal jet travel.
It is worse than the CO2 they generate:
Not only do these eco-hypocrites add disproportionate amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, they foul up the air traffic control system. It takes as much effort to guide a Gulfstream to a safe landing as it does a Boeing 777. 

There are important and compelling reasons to decarbonize energy. I urge you to press congressional candidates as to their support for nuclear power and other effective ways of cutting greenhouse gas. But, please, stop listening to the nonsense that comes from Kerry, etc., which often causes more harm than good. There are solid, responsible scientists who can guide us on both a personal and policy basis. One is here. There are others. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My Recommendation Regarding the Kansas Constitutional Amendment Election

We in Kansas are faced with a constitutional amendment vote on August 2 -- with early voting now in progress -- pertaining to abortion. The question is simply whether the people of Kansas, through our representatives, get to control our destiny pertaining to this critical issue. 

With zero mention of, or allusion to, abortion in the Kansas Constitution, our state's Supreme Court "found" a right to abortion. This, of course, took the question out of the hands of the people and our legislators and put it into the hands of unelected judges. 

The only question before the people of our state is whether we decide our future. By voting yes, the only thing that happens is the KS Supreme Court's decision is overturned and the people through the legislature will make sure decisions as to the law on this topic.

To me, the clear vote is, YES!!

The above is my recommendation. If you wish to read more, please join me.

Once returned to the legislature, the goal of pro-life people like myself is to ensure that women in medical crisis situations (ectopic pregnancies, rapes, etc.) can get the quality care they need. 
But, once there is an implanted, growing embryo in place there is a second distinct person involved. The reasons for protecting that person are overwhelming. I am a practicing Catholic and while there is considerable wisdom from the church on this topic, I don't need religion to make my case. It isn't necessary. 

Outside of personal morality, the reasons for encouraging a "yes" vote are largely societal and what the culture of abortion has done to Kansas and our nation. In the early 1970's when Roe v Wade was wrongly decided (and no serious constitutional scholar believes it was correctly decided), the United States was a strong, unified nation. Upward mobility was the rule rather than the exception. All classes were rising and the obscene "his and her personal jets" level of wealth didn't exist. We thought we were all in this together. Some historians believe the USA reached its peak in the mid-70's. As Kurt Schlichter writes, 
How far we have fallen in just 50 years! Things are now so bad that some believe a breakup of our nation is necessary. Life has become very cheap these days!
Until Roe, America was known primarily for its generosity. We weren't attacked directly by Hitler and his culture of death but went to Europe's aid. Then, we magnanimously rebuilt our enemy. We did the same in the Pacific against an also anti-human (read the stories of U.S. soldiers in Japanese POW camps) enemy. We rebuilt them, as well. 

Roe was the repudiation of that ethos. Roe v Wade was the starting line of selfishness and the official start of the 1970's "Me Generation." In that single decade, birth control, abortion and still effective (against STD's) antibiotics effectively turned sex from something beautiful and intimate into a mere recreational sport -- something it was never supposed to be. 

We have divorced sex from marriage and children.
A consequence? We've all heard about the 9-year old girl in Ohio (even though news stories say she was ten, she was 9 when she was raped) who some say had to travel to Indiana for medical care. What you may not know is that it wasn't her father who was living there but rather the mother's boyfriend and he's the rapist. The mother stood up for the rapist if news reporting is correct. 

Lying to each other is almost expected in today's American society.
If we haven't already, we have become an unserious nation. Unserious nations cannot survive. 

The situation unique to Kansas is even worse. We are dealing with all of the above plus the real threat of our wonderful state becoming the abortion capital of the Midwest. This is a devastating place for us from an economic development and human relations perspective. Consider, 
  • People buy leather but they don't wish to live near rending plants.
  • Women have abortions but do not want to live near abortion facilities. 
  • People attend strip clubs but certainly do not wish to live near them. 
For 40 years, since the days of Dr. George Tiller*, Kansas has become known for abortion. There are very good reasons to believe it has hurt our people, our opportunities and our economic development. Leaving abortion in the hands of unelected judges (the result of a "no" vote) will inevitably turn us into abortion on demand to the time of birth -- which is not what Kansans believe or want. 

Kansas is the #1 place for airplane production in the world, we are the leader in GPS technology, we produce more wheat and meat than any other state -- we are truly the "breadbasket of the world." We are growing more ways to help people live better for less cost. Even I am amazed by these developments.

But, most don't know about that because it seems our state is constantly in the news only for abortion. 

Please vote YES!! 

If you don't like what the legislature does with abortion, you can always vote them out of office. That is practically impossible with judges; there is almost no accountability.

Please vote YES!! 

*I, and virtually all pro-life people, deplore the murder of Dr. Tiller. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Am I the Only Person Who Thinks This is NOT Okay?

Two Headlines Since 9am This Morning

The two headlines above came in today, hours after posting the item below. I simply do not understand why this utter hypocrisy is tolerated in people who are supposedly working to stop global warming. 

What people do with their own money is fine with me unless you are lecturing me about my carbon footprint when your carbon footprint is the size of Alaska's. These people should be shunned and Carry should be fired. 

As Glenn Reynolds says, I'll believe global is a crisis when the people who tell me it is a crisis start acting like it is a crisis. 

Bottom Story of the Week

Don't you love [sarc] getting lectured about global warming from people who fly private jets everywhere and who have zero scientific qualifications? 

Monday, July 18, 2022

Some Items That Crossed My Desk

Hi everyone, I have been fighting illness for nearly two weeks and so I don't have as much fresh content as I would like. 

However, I do have some concise material from others that I think you will enjoy reading. 
And, when you hear the USA is closing coal plants to "stop global warming," you may wish to consider.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday Feature: The Lincoln Book Tornado

Last week, I learned that Ford's Theatre in Washington has a 34 foot display of books glued together in more-or-less the shape of a tornado. They call it the "Lincoln Book Tower." Details here. The architecture surrounding the "tornado" even vaguely resembles the wind flow around a twister. 

I guess what puzzles me is why they thought a tornado was an appropriate shape for a tribute. 

There were two presidents what were amateur meteorologists: Jefferson and Truman. I've never seen a reference to an interest in weather by Lincoln but I may be wrong. Readers?