May 20 -- Anniversary of Major Tornadoes

Today, we commemorate many notable tornadoes. The Moore Tornado in Oklahoma was the last EF-5 intensity in the United States. Eleven years is, by far, the longest interval in history as earth's warmer temperatures have made [E]F-5's have become increasingly rare . Above is a photo of meteorologists at the National Weather Service's Norman office. Their warnings saved dozens of lives. In 1957, the Ruskin Heights F-5 tornado was on the ground for 88 miles, including south Kansas City. The photo from the Ottawa Herald  was taken near where it first touched down.  The next morning, my mother drove us through the devastated neighborhood south of our home (we were close enough we had debris on the front lawn). We went right down the highlighted street and I saw the literally miles of rubble and shocked, shattered people. The photos are from Life magazine. I tell the entire story, here .  Even though I was just 5 years-old, I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist after seeing all of

Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Forecast for Tuesday

It looks like tomorrow will be a major tornado and severe thunderstorm day in the Midwest. I recommend people start planning accordingly. There is a high  risk of damaging storms. Tuesday's Tornado Risk There is an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes  in the yellow, hatched area. There is a significant risk of tornadoes in the brown area.  Tuesday's Damaging Wind Risk Here is the color code for this forecast: Purple: a high risk of wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger. Red, hatched: there is an enhanced  risk of wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger.  Red (only): an enhanced  risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger.  Yellow: a significant risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger.  There is also the risk of large hail in the above areas. A derecho may occur. Please factor this forecast into your plans Tuesday and Tuesday night.  Yesterday's forecast , unfortunately, worked out pretty well. It is almost certain there were more tornadoes in Kansas than shown here. Those will be added wh

Today's Tornado Risk -- Updated 9:20pm

This is a high-end tornado watch.  Please monitor the weather closely until it expires at 3am. Tornado watch for parts of Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.  Please note that tornadoes are forecast along with 2" hail and 65 mph until 5pm CDT. --- original post --- The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes this afternoon or evening.  The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes. Please keep up on the weather in the area. 

Power Outages As of Midnight

Unfortunately, as forecast, there are about 100K "customers" (which equals about 250,000 people) in Missouri and Kansas as the powerful thunderstorms moved east. Fortunately, the highest winds went just north of Wichita, Kansas' biggest city or the numbers would be much higher.  After 14 hours of storm forecasts, warnings and coverage I'm calling it a night. 

Winter Wheat Rainfall Plus Hail and Tornado Paths

Here is the rainfall to 10pm.  Note the 6" amounts along I-70 between Russell and Salina.  Hail Swaths Unfortunately, the scale is in millimeters. The red = hail 1.2" in diameter. Hail that size and larger probably means significant damage to the wheat, especially in Oklahoma.  Rotation/Tornado Path The path from the far eastern Texas Panhandle to Oklahoma City was where several large tornadoes occurred, including an amazing nighttime tornado in Canadian County. Take a look at this video . 

New Severe Thunderstorm Watch - 9:50pm Update

An extreme wind event is forecast for the central Great Plains. Thank you to all of the new readers this afternoon!  Please bookmark: We provide unique coverage of tornadoes, derechos and other types of extreme wether.  9:50pm Update 7:45pm Update Also, damaging winds are approaching Wichita at this time.  6:40pm Update Note that 85 mph winds along with tornadoes are forecast to occur.  6pm Update We just had a measured  wind gust of 90 mph winds just east of Meade, Kansas. This line of storms is accelerating to the east.  And, just had 100 mph winds at the Salina, Kansas, airport!! 5:30pm Update Below is a rough  idea of what the radar should look like around 8pm. This is not exact. Damaging winds likely, very large hail possible and tornadoes -- especially south of U.S. 50 in Kansas and northern Oklahoma -- possible. This is consistent with my forecast (below).  4:50pm Update The strong storm west of Salina along I-70 has produced multiple tornadoes

Comments About Harrison Butker's Commencement Speech

Good morning, everyone... As most of you know, there has been a great deal of controversy and misinformation pertaining to Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker's commencement address at traditionally Catholic Benedictine College one week ago. I am a practicing Catholic who has family members that attended Benedictine. While I disagree with his comments about the Latin Mass (changing the Mass to the local language was one of the best things to ever occur, in my opinion), I pretty much agree with the rest of what he said.  His entire address is here and I urge you to read it.   Because his comments about the vocations of men and women were so controversial and so widely misquoted ( The Hill  stated he said, "women should stay in the kitchen" -- not even close!), I am reproducing them here: ...For the ladies present today, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You should be proud of all that you have achieved to this point in your young lives. I want to speak directly