Sheriff vs Train: Guess the Winner

I've spoken with train crews and they universally dread coming into an intersection seconds after another train clears it.  That dread turned to reality in 2023 when two sheriff's cars illegally went around lowered crossing gates as the first train cleared an intersection. The first car was promptly struck by the second train with the second stopping just short. You can see the gates were down in the image below. The deputy suffered numerous broken bones but has made a full recovery.  Crossing protection systems are pretty sophisticated these days and the gates do not stay down unless there is a second train approaching. Never go around them. 

California Precipitation Amounts

 Up to 3pm PST, here are the precipitation amounts. Below is the latest radar (3:40pm): Rain, with snow in the mountains, continues. The inland atmospheric river extents along and just north of I-15 to Cedar City. 

"When We are Right, No One Remembers; When We are Wrong, No One Forgets!"

The title is from a poem called Weatherman's Lament  and I recalled it when reading the Washington Post  Capital Weather Gang's article about a busted forecast in the Northeast Friday and Saturday. Here is one of the comments about the article. I can vividly remember a much-hyped snowstorm in the DMV around 1977. The forecasters started the noise on a Wednesday, and the storm was supposed to arrive Sunday night. A foot of snow -- at least, most said -- was predicted. Still holding a grudge about a missed snow forecast nearly 50 years ago! As the poem says, "no one forgets"! And, of course, the frequently uttered comment I most dislike.  The Post's  entire article is here . Of course, I wrote a book where I tell the true story (written in the form of a novel so it is easy to read) of how weather forecasting came to be so accurate (Saturday's miss notwithstanding) and how we save thousands of lives each year. The book has a 4.6 out of five rating at Amazon. If

Tuesday's Highest Risk of Flooding is in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Radar at 6am PST.

California Tornado Risk is Now Low

While the risk of a tornado the rest of the evening is not zero, the chances of a tornado are now pretty low. There are two unofficial  reports of tornadoes but we should know more tomorrow. 

California: Tornado, Flood and Heavy Snow Risk Today; Flood Risk Tuesday

For real-time tornado risk updates, please follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert. Update 1pm PST The area outlined is where the NWS Storm Prediction Center believes is the area where a tornado or two and large hail is most likely this afternoon and early evening. Please monitor local weather sources plus I will be tweeting about the storms.  -- original posting --  Please note that the tornado risk area (brown) has been increased in size to include Chico. This forecast is still valid through this evening.  The red area around Santa Barbara has a high risk of flash flooding. The yellow has a moderate risk.  [Updated] The NWS has upgraded the flood risk for the Los Angeles area Tuesday.  Please closely monitor the weather in this area. Heavy to extreme snows are forecast in the Sierra. 

My Stock Photography - Now 150+ Curated Images

Adobe Stock Photography   does not represent just any photograph. I probably submit four for every photograph they approve. I now have more than 150 images that you will enjoy viewing.  There are some terrific images for your spring project. Please click on the pink link and take a look! Thank you.  Whatever your