Monday, September 30, 2019

An Unnecessary and Avoidable Tragedy

Saturday, we had an awful tragedy in Kansas when a young man who was a husband and father of three children was killed by lightning while running in an endurance race at Elk State Park. CBS News has the background story, here.

A key excerpt of the CBS Story, quoting the event organizer,

About two-and-a-half hours before Mr. Stanley's death, I tweeted (below) about golfers continuing to play as lightning flashed in the Wichita area. My second sentence was a reference to the common remark after a
storm-related tragedy that the storm was a "surprise" or there was "no warning." As the CBS quote above demonstrates, the comment was, unfortunately, prescient.

Stipulating that I do not have any knowledge as to the procedures the Flat Rock Trail Race may or may not have had in place, I am going to discuss outdoor events, in general. 

What can we learn from this case to help prevent future tragedies? 

The first item is very simple: All of these events should have a commercial weather company providing meteorological safety services. The costs are very reasonable. If you can't afford a couple hundred dollars (a typical cost), you probably should not hold the event. 

Would a weather safety service been able to send a timely warning in this case? Yes! I've looked at the data. Let's begin with the radar data from 1:38pm. 
The approximate location of the fatal strike is the blue dot. The thunderstorm that caused the fatal lightning is depicted on this radar image on the Oklahoma border at 1:38pm, 37 minutes before the fatal strike. The storm intensified as it moved northeast and produced increasing amounts of lightning as it grew. 

This low resolution map of lightning tracks shows the lightning with that storm (purple, western arrow) as it moved northeast. The lightning track is continuous and goes over the Elk State Park area (northern arrow).

The news story states the lightning strike occurred at 2:15pm. Above is the radar at 2:15pm which shows the intense thunderstorm moving over Elk State Park (white arrow). The storm was meteorologically "well behaved" as it intensified and moved northeast. Warning of lightning from this storm would have been straightforward. The news story said it was a "small storm." The storm was a typical thunderstorm in southeast Kansas this time of year. 

The second component is a method for getting the warning to those that need it. In this case, it takes hours to run 31 miles and runners would have been scattered throughout the course. Once a weather safety service notifies the event officials, they need to alert runners, spectators, etc. A siren(s) might be effective and there are other methods that could be considered. 

Third component. Once the warning is out, there must be a way to get everyone to safety as quickly as possible. I've talked many times in the past that it is essential to match the needed "lead time" (the interval between the warning and the arrival of the storm) to the task. In this case, I would guess 30-45 minutes would be needed. This is something that can be worked out, in advance, with the weather safety provider.

Each participant should be given written materials at the time of registration that state,
  • The primacy of the warnings. If a warning (lightning, tornado, etc., threat) is issued, the event immediately ceases.
  • How the runner will receive a warning.
  • How they will evacuate the course.
  • The location of shelters. 
Because these can be important fund raisers for organizations, it is quite possible to purchase reasonably priced "weather insurance" (not to be confused with a weather safety service) that will pay off if the event has to be cancelled or postponed. 

I hope these recommendations will help prevent future unnecessary tragedies like the one Saturday. I also hope you will go to the Stanley's GoFundMe page and donate. 

The Full List of Absurd Forecasts of Doom From Big Enviornment (That the News Media Bought)

This is via Anthony Watts and, apparently, the author is unknown. of these gloom and doom forecasts was wrong. Every one of them.
Big Environment looks at these as fundraising opportunities and doesn't care much whether the forecasts are correct as long as the money flows. In coming up with these, both Big Environment and Big Climate (there is considerable overlap) never seem to figure in the ingenuity of the human race. Instead, they rely on authoritarianism and nihilism which, inexplicably, seems to appeal to a subset of people. But, these people tend to be disproportionately powerful because Big Climate/Enviornment craves money and power while the rest of us just want to be left alone to live our lives and raise our families.

So, the next time you hear environmental gloom and doom, take it with a cubic foot of salt. 

Introducing Shelley

I would like to introduce all of you to Ms. Shelley Seidl, the new executive assistant at Mike Smith Enterprises and MSE Creative Consulting. She will be posting on the blog from time to time.

If you wish to get in contact with us, her email is: shelley AT msecreativeconsulting DOT com.

Why Don't People Care About Global Warming?

New poll. It reinforces my contention (from other polls and personal experience) that, in spite of all of the words expended the last 30 years, no one really cares about global warming.
click to enlarge 
In spite of Big Climate spending billions to convince we send to spend more than the half-trillion dollars already spent, worldwide (GW is the biggest gravy train, by far, in the history of atmospheric science), few care. Global warming came in last of all of the possible choices.


I think the answer is easy: the people trying to convince us to care with their words demonstrate they don't care with their actions. Whether it is a royal couple taking multiple private jet flights within hours of telling us to cut our carbon footprints or scientists telling us their jetting off to Bali, Copenhagen, Cancun, etc., doesn't matter. The item below is a sarcastic comment from
Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr.

The arrogance of the alarmists doesn't help, either:

Our intelligentsia just doesn't seem to understand their actions drip with hypocrisy. People do not like it and will not respond to it. 

We need to reasonably decarbonize through new-generation nuclear power (windmills can't do the job). But, politicians will not rise to this challenge without public support. And, the public -- rightfully -- will not support this nonsense with their hard-earned tax dollars.

P.S. This is at least the second comparison (the first from the U.S. last week) comparing poor Greta to Jesus. This does not help the alarmists' cause.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Excessive Rainfall, and Possible Flooding, Likely This Week

The remains of a Mexican tropical storm will cause an heavy rainfall event later this week in the southern Rockies and Great Plains. 

Here is the forecasted rainfall.
Note the widespread 4+" amounts. This is more than enough to cause flooding. I recommend keeping abreast of the weather forecasts later this week.

Sunday Fun: The Green Hypocrisy

But, of course.

Is there anyone in Big Enviornment that practices what they preach?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Lightning Fatality in Kansas Today

At about 10am I tweeted this photo of these golfers continuing to play while a thunderstorm was in progress.
Here is the tweet:
I said to Kathleen, "Why would you risk your life like that?"

Unfortunately, a few hours later and to the east of Wichita, the worst happened.
The entire story is here.

I just don't get it. What a tragedy.

"ESPN Minus"

I signed up for ESPN+ because I loved NFL Primetime when it was on ESPN and because my Kansas State Wildcats were going to open Big 12 play this year against Oklahoma State and it was going to be 'televised' only on the +. So, I shelled out my $4.95 for the first month.

Verdict after 1.5 quarters of the game? It should be called ESPN- . 

The production values are terrible: no line to gain projected on the field, no pylon cam, no first down cam, no referee cap cam, no field goal live statistics. There are very few cameras being used which results in missed plays and few angles for replay. It is chintzy.

And, for your money, you get just as many commercials as you do with free television broadcasts. The ESPN- streaming is poor quality. Even though the game is in a second quarter lightning delay there have been at least a half-dozen times when the screen has frozen or broken up. And, they tried to sell me a one-year subscription when I logged in and there as no "No Thanks" button. I had to futz around to get out of that page.

The Big 12 Conference never should have stood for this. But, I have low expectations for them and they rarely disappoint. ESPN must think we are a bunch of rubes to have pulled this. If it were me, since they are asking people to pay plus watch commercials, I'd have made it a sparkling production.

So, I'll be cancelling ESPN- as soon as the game is over.

P.S. The lightning delay is one hour long. No audio announcement of when the game might resume. No character generator message.

P.P.S. This is about 2 min. after the lightning delay ended. ESPN- should be refunding everyone's money. We missed a score during the "technical difficulties."

That's all, folks!

A Period of Widespread, Heavy Rainfall

Next week, there will be widespread heavy rains from Michigan to New Mexico and Texas. Please keep an eye out for flood warnings.

Touching Story of Dog Giving His Life Saving Boys From Poisonous Snake

The story is here. It is extremely touching.
I want to pass along this important bit of information: coral snakes, the most poisonous snakes in North America, are the only snake where the yellow and red directly touch. There are other snakes with colored rings but the yellow/red is a foolproof tell.

If you see one, slowly back away.

Please Stop Politicizing Everything!

And, this goes for both sides. Essay here.

Friday, September 27, 2019

NO! No One Is Trying to Take Away Government Lightning Data

Here we go again. 
The phantom issue of "privatizing" meteorological data. 

Yesterday, a hearing was held in the House of Representatives on a number of meteorological topics. "Privatizing" weather data came up, but I'm not sure why. No one is, or to my knowledge ever has, proposed the government's meteorological data be taken out of the public domain.

The discussion about the (non-) issue of privatizing meteorological data transitioned into a conversation on Twitter this afternoon that has gotten a number of people confused. I'm going to try to fix the confusion, especially since this may make the news.
  • Our federal government creates lightning data through its "total lightning mapper" on the new generation of GOES weather satellites. An example, from a few minutes ago, is below.
The colored dots are the lightning. If you want to see it for yourself, go here, then click on the globe, then click "GOES Derived," then click on "GOES 16 GLM Flashes." This data is extremely useful.
  • Some users, like electric companies, need extremely precise lightning data. For that, there are several private sector lightning networks. One of them is run by Vaisala, Inc., and is known as the "National Lightning Detection Network." One of their ~140 U.S. sensors is below. 
That data entirely belongs to them as they spent the tens of millions to set up, maintain and operate the network. Think of it as AT&T setting up and maintaining the original long-distance telephone network. They built it, they own it.

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives had a hearing primarily pertaining to extreme weather. You can read an account from one of the witnesses here. Even though I have watched the video, and I still don't understand how this occurred, one of the Representatives, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, seems to be under the impression some evil, but unnamed, force is trying to make federal lightning data and other data meteorological data "private." This is not true. Even if someone wanted to take it private, that would require Congress to change the law. All federally created meteorological data is in the public domain and is not eligible to be copyrighted or patented. 

Things went from bad to worse this afternoon during a Twitter exchange involving the Congresswoman during which a young Connecticut weathercaster wrote:
Evidently, Tim doesn't understand the concept of private property. He believes that since the NWS pays Vaisala for the NLDN data for its internal use (only), the rest of us should be able to see it without paying. He also evidently believes that because the NWS uses its satellites to distribute Vaisala data to its offices, everyone should be able to have it. By that logic,
  • Top secret government spy satellite data should be available to everyone because it is on a "taxpayer-funded satellite." 
  • Everyone should be able to make free phone calls on AT&T's (or any other) phone network because the government uses the AT&T network for some of its calls. 
  • There should be no such thing as private property. Tim desires something someone else owns and --  presto! -- it should be his. I fear there are other's his age that believe they are entitled to the fruits of someone else's labor and investments. 
The poor Congresswoman is likely now completely confused because, like too many in the District of Columbia, she believes the U.S. government pays for all meteorological data. That is hardly the case!

So, I am putting this out there in case someone does an internet search of this topic or if all of this makes the news which, unfortunately, it likely will. 

Today's Tornado Risk

I urge you to keep an eye on the weather beginning now in Missouri and Illinois and starting at mid-afternoon in Kansas. 

There is a small area with a significant tornado risk very late this afternoon and this evening.
While the brown area is the higher risk, a tornado or two are quite possible in the green area.

In addition, very large hail is forecast.
The significant hail risk is in yellow. The enhanced hail risk is in red. And, the hatching indicates that the hail is forecast to be larger than 2 inches in diameter. Damaging thunderstorm winds are possible throughout the yellow area.

For more, follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert.

There is also a chance of severe thunderstorms in a small part of the central Great Plains Saturday. I'll update on that tomorrow morning.

Details on the Wichita State Donation of Meteorological Files

A story from the Wichita Business Journal that may be of interest.

If you are a researcher in the fields of aviation, meteorology or climate, please contact the University for access.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

"Equal Protection Under the Law"

This is far off-topic for this blog and I dislike having to write this. But, I feel compelled to do so because of the political events of this week.
While it is distasteful, I'm going to defend Donald Trump. I am doing so because far too many of our intelligencia seem to have forgotten the basic, but crucial, Constitutional principle of “Equal Protection Under the Law” (EPUTL). 

As the Legal Information Institute puts it, 

Equal Protection refers to the idea that a governmental body may not deny people equal protection of its governing laws. The governing body state must treat an individual in the same manner as others in similar conditions and circumstances. 

What does this have to do with the Democrats’ impeachment investigation? Everything!


To understand EPUTL, I’d like to provide a simple example. Suppose there is a green grocer in NYC that puts a fresh bushel of apples in front of the store every day. The grocer sweeps his sidewalk at 1pm Monday as a policeman makes his rounds on and steals an apple. The grocer smiles and waves him on. One minute later, so does Politician Joe, who happens to be a Democrat. 

Tuesday, the same thing occurs. 

Same on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday at 1pm, the officer swipes his daily apple. One minute later, so does the Democrat. But, this time, a man known to the green grocer to be a Republican, sees the officer and the Democrat take apples. So, he takes one. The grocer shouts, “Arrest that man!”

When the case comes to trial, the judge weighs the evidence and dismisses the case, as a matter of law, before it ever reaches the jury. Why? Equal protection under the law. We cannot be "a nation of laws" and have people selectively prosecuted for their beliefs, their race, their religion, et. cetera. The laws must be applied evenly to all. 

Again, in the words of the Legal Information Institute,
Equal protection forces a state to govern impartially—not draw distinctions between individuals solely on differences that are irrelevant to a legitimate governmental objective.

How Does This Relate to Presidential Impeachment?

Richard Nixon was in the early stages of impeachment when he resigned. I believe he should have resigned, as he did, because he was obviously guilty of obstruction of justice. I voted for his opponent, George McGovern, the Democrat, because I did not believe we should have “a crook” (Nixon’s word) in the White House. Because of his felonious obstruction of justice, I would have supported the impeachment and removal of office of President Nixon. 

But, then, political parties changed. 
  • President Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury. A felony. What made his offense particularly egregious is that he was an attorney. Clinton was convicted of perjury by a federal judge (that he, himself, appointed) and forced to give up his license to practice law as a result of that conviction. I believe the Senate should have removed him from office as what he did, in the White House as part of his official duties, was clearly a “high crime or misdemeanor,” the Constitutional requirement for impeachment and removal from office. 
  • Out of office, Bill Clinton clearly obstructed justice when he met clandestinely with Loretta Lynch when their private jets rendezvoused at the Phoenix Airport. 
  • President Barack Obama clearly committed a felony when he threatened to sic the Internal Revenue Service on his political opponents and then did just that. The use of the IRS for political purposes is a stone cold felony. There was no impeachment. 
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton likely took multiple indirect bribes while in office (e.g., her husband receiving $1 million for a speech while she was allowing one-quarter of America’s uranium to be purchased by a Russian company).  There was no impeachment.
  • Vice President Joe Biden is on video saying he threatened the Prime Minister of the Ukraine with the loss of $1 billion in foreign aid if they continued to investigate his (highly corrupt) son. This (tying foreign aid to a criminal investigation) is what President Trump is accused of doing, only the evidence in President Trump’s case is less direct. Vice President Biden was not impeached. 
  • [Addition] It turns out that President Obama requested that the Ukraine investigate Paul Manifort. That exactly what President Trump is accused of doing. Of course, there was no impeachment. 
See where this is going?

I am not an attorney but there were multiple attorneys online yesterday who stated what President Trump discussed with the Prime Minister of the Ukraine (in the transcript) wasn’t even a crime. But, let’s assume it was. Given the track record of letting clear felonies by recent presidents, a vice president, and a secretary of state pass, impeaching President Trump would be a violation of the principle of EPUTL. 

But, you might say, President Trump is a total creep (I happen to agree)! That makes it different. No, it doesn’t. There are two reasons it does not. 

First, being a creep is not illegal. The Constitution specifies it must be a crime for impeachment, not a matter of taste or style

Second, the all-time winner in the “being a creep” sweepstakes is the late President Lyndon Johnson. His perversions were the stuff of, err, ‘legends.’ Here are a couple:

...if a colleague came into a Capitol bathroom as he was finishing at the urinal there, he would sometimes swing around still holding his member, which he liked to call 'Jumbo,' hooting once, 'Have you ever seen anything as big as this?,' and shaking it in almost a brandishing manner as he began discoursing about some pending legislation...Even on the floors of the House and Senate, he would extravagantly rummage away at his groin, sometimes reaching his hand through a pocket and leaning with half-lifted leg for more thorough access.

Johnson lived to dominate, and he used crass behavior to bend people to his will. At 6-ft., 3-in. tall and 210 lbs., he liked to lean over people, spitting, swearing, belching, or laughing in their faces. Once, he even relieved himself on a Secret Serviceman who was shielding him from public view. When the man looked horrified, Johnson simply said, "That's all right, son. It's my prerogative."His favorite power ploy, however, seemed to be dragging people into the bathroom with him—forcing them to continue their conversations with the president as he used the toilet.

He was notorious for having reporters and aides follow him into the bathroom where he would then conduct two kinds of business at once.

Yes, President Johnson ordered people to watch him defecate and then wipe himself. He also more or less forced himself on a female reporter for NBC News. President Johnson was not impeached and remains to hero to many in the Democratic Party.


Those in favor of impeaching President Trump, whether it be over, “Ukraine,” “Russia,” “emoluments,” or whatever this week’s reason happens to be have coined a word rejecting EPUTL, calling it “whataboutism.” 

As one resident of Washington, DC wrote to me yesterday, “Trump is President now. How does it help the country to have a lawless President?”

When I brought up the fact that it is alleged that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has $10,000 in unpaid taxes she does not dispute but refuses to pay (a felony) and asked if she should be kicked out of the House of Representatives, he declined to reply. 

Evidently, some believe that the laws of our nation only apply to those affiliated with one of the two political parties. This is diametrically opposite of the vital "equal protection" clause of our Constitution. 

Opposing the impeachment of President Trump is not “whataboutism,” it is the principle of equal protection under the law – that laws are not for one political party or the other. Laws are not for one group but for everyone, equally. Equal protection is a vital Constitutional principle which protects all of us from a capricious prosecutor. 

There is a scene from the wonderful movie, A Man For All Seasons, that depicts the life of Saint Sir Thomas Moore. The dialog below explains why it is absolutely vital to be a nation of laws. "Rich" is Sir Richard, a creep who was spying on,  and undermining, Moore in his dispute with King Henry VIII. Moore's friends wanted Rich arrested, even though Rich had done nothing illegal. From the movie

More refuses, and insists Rich should remain free: “Go he should. If he were the devil himself, until he broke the law”. 

WILLIAM ROPER: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!
SIR THOMAS MORE: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
ROPER: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
MORE: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!
Let me state again: I do not personally care for President Trump, at all. I, too, think he is a creep. But, unless something highly illegal occurs -- that rises above the things for which recent Presidents and others have been given a "pass” -- I strongly oppose his impeachment under because of the Equal Protection Clause. Given that people in Washington have been plotting to impeach President Trump since literally his first day in office, his impeachment would amount to little more than a coup d'e´tat. 

And, that would make America a banana republic.   

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Lightning From Severe Thunderstorms

As of 8:50pm CDT, a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for the south Wichita suburbs and nearby areas until 9:45pm. One inch diameter hail and wind gusts to 60 mph are forecast by the National Weather Service.

The storms are prolific lightning producers. Video from 8:45pm.

The Amazon Rain Forest: Trees Skyrocketing to the Sky

Birds over the Amazon Rainforest
Would you believe a 300 ft. tree?

Could it be that the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is behind the mystery of record tree growth?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Today's Tornado Risk

Please keep an eye on the weather in these areas later today. 
We have an out-of-season tornado risk this afternoon and evening. The brown area is a significant risk. The area I have highlighted and hatched has an enhanced risk. There will be large hail throughout this region (see below). The yellow area = significant threat of large hail. Red is an enhanced risk and hatching is where hailstones larger than 2" are forecast to occur.


I had not heard of this before. It uses NWS radars to assist in tracking bird migration.
The URL = 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Now, All We Have To Do Is Cease Air Conditioning Federal Buildings and We'll Be All Set

The same people who laughingly claim to be "pro-science" evidently do not have the ability to reason: blocking thousands of cars (all emitting CO2) in Washington today is perhaps not the best way to demonstrate you are serious about cutting greenhouse gases.

I happen to be -- strongly -- in favor of dispersing the federal government. If they can block a few more intersections and cut the air conditioning in federal government buildings (saving the greenhouse gas to generate the electricity to run those AC's it is just setting a good example, after all!), I suspect the political desire to disperse the federal government will pick up rather quickly.

Update, Tuesday, 10:15A: I was reminded of this.
Since the government is telling us we need to change our thermostats to cut our carbon footprint, that is all the more reason air conditioning in federal buildings needs to be permanently disconnected. This is especially true for NOAA, EPA, NASA and the others that whine about it the most.

I also recommend disconnecting the air conditioning at the headquarters of the American Meteorological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and NBC. Since they are leading the charge against "CO2 pollution" the least they can do is set a good example.

Global Warming: This is Propaganda, Not Journalism

- Bumped and Updated - 2pm EDT, Monday, 9/23

I'm always amused by the people who dislike my phrase, "Big Climate." I'm told that the climate change movement is a bunch of grassroots innocents against [evil] "oil companies." Of course, that is the reverse of the truth. You are being influenced by big money on this issue.

This report, published today, is fascinating. It discusses where the funding is coming from for the climate strike and other climate propaganda. A couple of excerpts:
This is "dark money" at its worst. It is also elected officials and civil servants acting as stealth advocates. It needs to stop.

- Original Posting - 
And, the MSM wonders why no one trusts it...
Get this:
We have 12 years to radically change course, UN scientists warned last October, or face catastrophe.
As journalists, we have a professional responsibility to report on the urgency of this moment. Despite good coverage by some news outlets, climate silence still reigns in much of the media. For example, only 27 percent of Americans knew in election year 2016 that virtually all scientists agreed that climate change is human-caused, happening now and very dangerous.
Previous reasons for underplaying the climate story—fears of alienating audiences, losing money, or appearing partisan—no longer hold. Most people under age 40 care intensely about climate change, irrespective of their political outlook—even Republicans and independents want action, while Democrats call it their number one concern. That may help explain why The Guardian, our first partner at Covering Climate Now, has found that its extensive climate and environment coverage is making, not losing, money.
We describe our plans for Covering Climate Now in this FAQ, which links to the April 30 conference at the Columbia Journalism School that launched this project and where iconic TV newsman Bill Moyers announced a $1 million pledge from the Schumann Media Center to fund the first year of our work.
Our ask of you is simple: commit to a week of focused climate coverage this September. We are organizing news outlets across the US and abroad—online and print, TV and audio, large and small—to run seven days of climate stories from September 16 through the climate summit UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres hosts in New York September 23. The stories you run are up to you, though we can offer ideas and background information and connect outlets looking for content with content providers looking for outlets.
"We have twelve years..."
"Only 27% of Americans..."
"Making, not losing, money."
"Commit a week of focused climate coverage...through the climate summit."

This is public relations and marketing. It certainly isn't journalism. 

I've never understood why journalists are willing to surrender their souls for global warming activism.

So, when you see all of these stories materialize, as if by magic, in mid-September, remember that you are a target of a coordinated political campaign. 

Hat tip: Joanne Nova

Heads Up: Arizona

This is something we do not see every day: an enhanced risk of large hail and damaging winds in Arizona. There is even a chance for a tornado or two.

The primary threat is hail larger than 1" in diameter along with downbursts/haboobs.

There is also a threat of flash flooding, especially near and northeast of Phoenix.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Fun: As Milton Friedman Would Point Out

Sunday Fun: Woman Eats Nine Pounds of Meat (And More) at the Big Texan

The Big Texan is known for its understated decor
While I visited the Big Texan during a business trip to Amarillo in 1998 no one was attempting to eat the gargantuan meal. But, I saw the size of the 72-ounce steak. Eating two of those meals (with shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad and roll for each meal) back-to-back seems impossible for a man, let alone for a trim woman. The entire story, and photo of the 'winner,' is here.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Update on Tornado, Hail and Flood Threat

It will be a busy 36 hours for much of Kansas and Missouri.


Let's begin with the flash flood outlook. Some areas will have more than five inches of rain between now and 8pm Sunday. Please remember: Turn around, don't drown if you encounter flooding.

Tornadoes and Hail 

The first of the severe thunderstorms should develop between 4 and 5pm.

The brown areas have a significant risk of tornadoes.

And, there is a significant risk of 1" or large hail in the yellow areas with hail larger than 2" in the hatched area.

Baltimore Ravens v. Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead at Noon
Rain is especially likely the first half with the probability lessening in the second half. Total rainfall at Arrowhead during the game will mostly likely be 1/4" to 1/2 inches.

Warren Buffet: Steath Profits First. Environment Second

Unfortunately, this story is apparently correct.
Here is the story. I dislike the headline because I don't care who makes whom richer as long as they are honest about it. That stipulated, I believe the story is essentially correct because it tracks with my experience pertaining to . 

The Dakota Access Pipeline, which recently began carrying oil from the Bakken oil field in North Dakota to a refinery in Illinois, was threatened and delayed by a series of professional and well-funded protests. Much of the anti-Dakota Access Pipeline activities were part of a campaign orchestrated by, an extremist organization that receives major funding from the Tides Foundation – which gets a large portion of its financial support from Buffett’s NoVo Foundation.
It appears NoVo’s interest in blocking the construction of the pipeline had more to do with protecting Berkshire Hathaway’s railroad interests than protecting the environment. Berkshire Hathaway owns Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, a railroad with existing infrastructure capable of delivering oil and natural gas from North Dakota to oil terminals in the Midwest.
If and the other well-funded anti-pipeline protesters supported by the NoVo Foundation had succeeded in killing the Dakota Access Pipeline, Berkshire Hathaway would have been positioned to make hundreds of millions of dollars transporting the oil – even though shipping oil by rail is much more dangerous for the environment than moving it via pipeline.

When I had my conversations with, I found them not to be respectful of science and I found them to be extremists. I would never give them money. It is indicative of Buffet's character that he does and does so without up-front disclosure. 

While I am a huge fan of railroads and, especially, BNSF, it is also a fact that pipelines can be a better alternative for moving fossil fuels. So, Warren Buffet -- a 'good' progressive was willing to sacrifice the environment in order to make more money. And, yes, he takes private jets. 

I'd call him a hypocrite but that seems par for the course for the global warming movement.