No, Global Warming Did Not Cause Hurricane Dorian

As predicted last week, the press releases are out and the nonsense is flowing...
As we know, drought, flood, tornadoes, heat cold, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes and everything from prostitution to emigration are all 'consistent with' global warming. Jeff Nesbit is a journalist, not a scientist. 

And, our old friend, Michael Mann has also opined,

That is not what the science shows. Here is the graph for the United States. 

Here is the ACE index, which combines hurricane strength and numbers, for the entire world. 
Two years ago, faster-moving hurricanes were 'consistent with' global warming. Now, it is slow-moving hurricanes. Remember: the catastrophic global warming movement is about power and money. It is not about 'saving the earth.'

Addition, if you wish to read a balanced and reasonable report on what climate models project as changes in hurricane trends, go here


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