Whatever Happened to Preaching Christian Faith and Morals??

Remember this posting from August 27?
It explained how the world's, and especially U.S's., journalists are being called upon to participate in a global propaganda campaign ahead of a United Nations' meeting about global warming later this month. 

As a Catholic, I'm dismayed Pope Francis is participating. 

I'm so old that I remember when a Pope's job was to teach the Gospel of Jesus and to facilitate our trips to Heaven rather than rotting in Hell. Unfortunately, our current Pope seems to be attracted to liberal political causes.

With regard to Ms. Steinhauser's reporting that Francis' trip to Mozambique is linked to the recent hurricane (called a "cyclone" in southeast Africa), you should know that hurricanes are frequent in that part of the world. If you wish to read how the genuine science relates to hurricanes, here is an excellent article (published today) by Dr. Roger Pielke, Junior. Roger is a bit more bullish on the seriousness of climate change than I but that doesn't matter. He is well within the genuine science on the subject. What does that mean?
  • Of course, humans affect the climate. 
  • Some of those effects may cause worsening weather (worsening floods, for instance) while some cause better weather (longer growing seasons = more food for a hungry world). 
  • It is vital to build more resilient societies regardless of the future state of the climate. 
The fact is that most of the 'solutions' to global warming advocated by Big Climate hurt the poor. The primary political advocates of global warming do not want nuclear power -- which is the only solution that allows the world to prosper and lifts the poor out of poverty. Fixing the problem is beside the point when the point is power and money.

Yes, the climate is warmer than it was 70 years ago. So far, this has been a huge net positive for mankind. As previously stated, we need to build more resilient societies regardless of the direction of the climate. That can be done without giving up our freedoms. It can be done without making the poor poorer.


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