Monday, September 16, 2019

Scott Adams Must Have Been Visiting Delta Airlines Last Week

I just finished a magical week in all aspects except one: Delta Air Lines.
You'll recall (per my Tweets) that I decided to give Delta another try after a five-year absence. That five-year absence was due to several consecutive bad experiences.

Because of the extremely special occasion, I went ahead and purchased first class tickets for Kathleen and me. They were $200 extra. One of the reasons was because our flight left at 11:10am (arrived in Atlanta at 2:20pm) and it said they served "lunch" in first class.

Here's how it worked out:
  • Dirty, sticky tray table. It required both wet napkins and a wet wipe to clean. It is amazing that Delta expects its customers to clean its tray tables. 
  • Broken seat. My seat kept 'reclining' even though I didn't want it to. 
  • Sat on the tarmac in ATL for 45 minutes even though the weather was fine throughout the region.
  • Mis-installed seat belt. I rang the flight attendant call button: no response. I flagged down a flight attendant to give me an extender and to tell them to write up the problem so it could be fixed. Even though she said she would, she did not bring me an extender nor did respond in any other way. Told a second flight attendant. No response. So, I flew from Huntsville to Atlanta without being able to fasten my seat belt. I knew the weather was okay, so I didn't worry too much about it. 
And, best of all, this was 'lunch.'
So, Delta, it will be at least another five years before I hand you my hard-earned money. 

Update, 9/19, 5:20pm: Delta has had a bad week

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