First Tornado Watch of the Day Issued

Unfortunately, the forecast is working out. A tornado watch is already in effect in Oklahoma and Texas. 
This watch is in effect until 1pm. 

Thunderstorms are developing in the southeast Texas Panhandle. They will move northeast and strengthen. Please keep a close eye on the weather in these areas. 

I'll have comprehensive forecast up in 60-90 minutes.


  1. OMG 😳😳 when will this all come to a End God bless us all and keep all of us out of the way of this bad

    1. Wishing safety and protection to you and everyone in the storm's path. My family lives in the Midwest and I worry when these storms start coming. God bless you all.

  2. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🎂

  3. Father God I prey that you will protect everyone in the way of theses deadly storms Father God in Jesus name Amen

  4. Please keep everyone safe Lord. 🙏

  5. Heavenly father please bless Texas and Oklahoma during these storms and shield them with your blood. In your mighty name I pray, amen!


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