Advice for Fathers of Students Attending Proms

We went out for my long-delayed birthday dinner tonight and it was fun watching all of the high school students in their formal wear enjoying dinner before their proms. 

I do have advice for the fathers (yes, this is your job!) of students attending prom:
  • No gum chewing! I saw three chewing gum. Of course, it didn't help the restaurant's musician was chewing, also. 
  • Teach your children, especially young men, to have a conversation. Far too many young ladies were staring at their smartphones. No politics or religion but, go over some topics: new Taylor Swift album,  favorite class(es), if their date is going to college ask why she chose that institution, favorite movies and/or favorite streaming service, possible summer jobs, etc. I'm sure there are many, many topics beyond these. 
  • And, yes, for the prom, young men should hold the doors open for their dates, including the car doors. 
Have fun!!


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