[Updated!] Sunday Fun: Global Warming, Is There Anything It Can't Do?!?!

We just had another item on this topic. Did you know the weather was homophobic?! This posted at 12:33pm Sunday afternoon. 

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Professors get paid to publish papers, regardless of their quality or usefulness. These days, if you put the phrase "climate change" on it, it will get published. 

This is probably impossible to follow this but changes in ice -- supposedly due to global warming -- has the earth spinning less fast than was forecast (the earth was supposed to speed up more). One would think that is a good thing but, since it is global warming it must be bad

It indirectly causes nausea since EV's wouldn't be a thing without global warming. 

And, finally, breathing is bad because it causes global warming. Can global warming zealots get any more idiotic? [yes, probably...just wait a week]


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