Comments on Today's and Tomorrow's Storms

Today was an incredible day, unfortunately. 

So far, 94 tornadoes have been reported and it appears that many of them were strong and, perhaps, even violent. 
The metropolitan areas of Omaha, Des Moines and Lincoln were all hit. Several rural towns were flattened. Yet, as of this moment (9:46pm), there have been no serious injuries. 

That is to the tremendous credit of the National Weather Service, broadcast meteorologists, storm chasers and private sector meteorologists. I spent more than 12 hours today forecasting and warning of the storms. Trying to warn of every storm in time, without false alarms (to the greatest extent possible) is taxing and exhausting.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility that we may have to go through another tornado outbreak tomorrow. My forecast is here. I do not know whether will be storm chasing (from which I will post updates to Twitter) or will do another day from home. 

It is vital that everyone in these areas pays attention to the weather if they are residents of the affected areas. If you have friends or relatives in these areas, please pass the info along. 


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