Totality Over Texas - Solar Eclipse Shadows in Wichita

As viewed from the GOES-17 weather satellite. Of course, the darkest area is the totality.  

For comparison, 12:58pm.

The eclipse, at 1:42pm. It is the dark area over Texas. The black area is the eclipse's shadow. 

Eclipse 1:46pm. You can see the circular nature of the cloud cover. 
The cirrus clouds over Mexico are already lightening as the shadow moves rapidly northeast. 

1:52pm, the back edge of the eclipse shadow. 

Color animation of the eclipse from above is here

And, even an airplane can't outrun the eclipse
This might be the plane. 

Eclipse Shadows in Wichita (partial eclipse):

BTW: so far, it appears the cloud forecasts have been excellent. Nice job, weather science!


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