Hurricane Season 2024

The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang has a highly informative article about the forecasts for Hurricane Season 2024. Those forecasts are alarming. Here's Colorado State's which is highly regarded:
The forecasters quoted in the Post's article are known to be quality forecasters with fine track records (as mentioned before, I am not a long range forecaster of hurricanes or any other weather phenomena). 

What do I suggest?
  • Have your hurricane preparations finished by May 15, or even May 1, this year.
  • This includes preparing to assemble a "go kit" in case your area is put under an evacuation order. I post a list so I list so don't forget something important in the last minute haste. One of the items in a go kit is cash. To the extent your means will allow, draw out some extra cash and put it in your wallet or purse.
  • Purchase a quality paper map of the region. There are times when the interstate highways are clogged but traffic on state highways is fluid. 
  • Before evacuating, remember to make a hotel/motel reservation. You can always cancel it, but there are too many stories of exhausted evacuees driving hours looking for somewhere to sleep. 
It is likely this hurricane season will still be affected by the 2022 eruption of the Tonga volcano. That is an example of natural climate change. We probably have another couple of years before its effects on our climate wane. 


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