Detailed Eclipse Forecast - Updated 1pm CDT Friday

The new ECMWF model's data is in. Little has changed with regard to the clouds over Texas and nearby areas. 

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The eclipse is now within range of the more detailed computer models. This is the cloud cover forecast for 1pm CDT/2pm EDT along the path of the eclipse. 

Using the ECMWF model, many of the clouds in Texas and Arkansas will be of the middle and high variety. If you are in the path of high cirrus clouds, you will probably be able to see the solar disc being covered by the moon but will probably not be able to see the corona and other aspects of the eclipse. 

Unfortunately, mid-level clouds may be able to blot out much of the view. 

There is an animation available for the Texas region with hour-by-hour clouds here. Unfortunately, it comes to the same conclusion (lots of clouds) using a different techniques. 

Unfortunately, the yellow area has the potential for severe thunderstorms (large hail and damaging winds). The thunderstorms are forecast to occur after about 3pm. Given the traffic jams, it is possible viewers may still be on the road when they start. 

The clouds in the Midwest will be mostly low and mid-level. Unfortunately, if you get unlikely to have them in the sky at the time of the eclipse, they could ruin the entire view. 

The cloud band across Upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania is high cirrus and probably won't affect the view except perhaps obscuring the corona. 


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