[Updated 6:45pm] Saturday's Cloud Forecast for Monday's Eclipse

Some general items first:
  • I am seeing lots of pictures of packed airports. While spring break is part of it, I suspect the eclipse is part of it, also.
  • Roads into the eclipse area tomorrow (Sunday) will be jammed. I would expect I-35 southbound will be gridlock at times. Prepare accordingly. And, you will not believe the gridlock once the eclipse is over and everyone hits the road at once.
  • There is still a risk of severe thunderstorms over part of the eclipse area Monday. The primary threat is hail but damaging winds are also possible. Tornado threat is low, but not zero. On the map, yellow is where large hail is forecast and the hatched area is where 2" or larger hail is forecast to fall.

6pm from St. Louis NWS.
Article Regarding Dallas Traffic here

Cloud Forecasts

As to the cloud forecast, the severe thunderstorms should wait until the totality is finished. However, in spite of what you read elsewhere, cirrus clouds -- unless they are very thin and wispy -- can attenuate the corona and other parts of what you would see during totality. 

So, for that reason, I am presenting the "total cloud cover" forecasts. The best spots will be the white areas and near the edges of the white areas.

HRRR Forecast

In case you know how to interpret an IR satellite, here is a simulation of what it is forecast to look like at 1pm Monday.

ECMWF Latest Forecast for 1pm Monday. 

This is the brand-new forecast. You definitely don't want to be under low or mid-level clouds. You can see the cloud levels in the upper right corner of each graphic. 

SHEF City-By-City Forecasts


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