Major Tornado and Damaging Wind Threat Wednesday!


Tornado Risk for Wednesday and Wednesday Night

There is a high risk (on my 4-word scale: significant, enhanced, high, extreme) of strong tornadoes in the South. This is one of those situations where you should call friends and family in the area to insure they are aware of the risk and are planning accordingly.

The hatched area is where strong tornadoes are forecast to occur.
  • Red + hatching = high risk.
  • Yellow + hatching = enhanced risk.
  • Yellow = enhanced risk.
  • Brown = significant risk. 
There is also an extreme risk of damaging winds of 75 mph or stronger. 
Purple + hatching = extreme risk of damaging winds (75+ mph).
Red + hatching = high risk.
Red = enhanced risk of winds of 60 mph.
Yellow = significant risk.

If you live in these areas:
  • Prepare for the likelihood of power outages! Some may last several days. 
  • Make plans -- now -- for infirm relatives or friends, especially those who require electricity for medical equipment.
  • If you need to make a trip to the drugstore or grocery store, do it today. 
  • Get some cash from the ATM.
  • Make sure your phone and computer have full electrical charges but make sure you unplug them the first time you hear thunder.
  • Fill your vehicle with fuel. 
Of course, I will update this forecast tomorrow throughout the day


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