6 pm - Current Tornado Forecasts

Tornado Watch until 11pm.

Tornado Watch until 9pm. This watch has been cancelled for Kansas.  

Tornado Watch until 9pm.  More tornado watches are below, please scroll down. 

Tornado Watch until 7pm.

Updated Forecast 
The yellow, hatched area has an enhanced risk of tornadoes. The brown area has a significant risk.
Kansas City has been removed from the enhanced risk of tornadoes but remains in the significant risk. 

Below are close-ups of the tornado risk areas.

Please keep up on the weather in these areas, especially if you live in the hatched area. You can follow my real-time updates on Twitter @usweatherexpert. You may wish to recommend this blog and my Twitter handle to friends and relatives in the affected areas. 

If you, for example, live in the mobile home and need a community shelter, a list and map is here

I am going to make a separate posting for tomorrow's tornado forecast. It should be up early this afternoon. 


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