Another Government Fiasco Launched

White House press secretary

"American Climate Corps." Hmm. Are they going to flap their arms when the wind is too calm to turn the wind turbines? Light fires on cold winter days? Stand in front of hurricanes' storm surges to deflect the water?

Seriously, this is the way they are described by the White House:
  • The American Climate Corps will focus on equity and environmental justice
  • advancing environmental justice
  • environmental justice agenda
  • tackle climate change  (Are they doing to wrestle the weather to the ground? Sorry, couldn't resist.)
The above are direct quotes. I dunno, but this sounds more like a political army (launched just months before an election) to me. 

And, better still, they will be coming to your home! Again, directly from the White House:
And, if the Climate Corps is going to be doing weatherization, audits, etc., for free, what happens to be people who already do those jobs for a fee?

The White House says the Climate Corps will be modeled after Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps. While the CCC did some good things, they also did a lot of pork barrel such as paving this creek in Kansas City:

with the concrete purchased from -- surprise -- the notorious Pendergast criminal organization. And, when more than a foot of rain fell on the headwaters of Brush Creek in 1977, the paved creek produced major flooding which killed more than a dozen people. 

So, with the nation more than $35 trillion in debt, it is good to know there will be another federal effort dedicated to wasting our money.


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