It Is a Dark and Stormy Night, No Moon, With Dense Fog; Your Boat is Drifting With the Current and You.... into a floating wind turbine. 

The post was inspired by several news reports (examples here and here) this week about plans to create many more floating wind turbines. I have a mental picture of some of them breaking away and floating into the waters of Miami Beach. 

Image by Trina Sanders

Ocean wind turbines are yet another mistake by Big Climate, even bigger than land-based wind turbines. They are far more expensive than their land-based cousins and still have the prob let with intermittency.

Of course, if one of these monsters floated close-in to the beach off one of Barack Obama's oceanfront mansions in Massachusetts or Hawaii, he'd have the Coast Guard shoot it down in a second. 😉

And, yes, part of this post is tongue-in-chiefs. 


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