Preliminary: Beware of Tornado Potential Monday

The computer models for Monday are concerning. However, this far out (five days), a tool known as analog matching can be equally or more useful. And, without getting too deep into the weeds, the matches are some of the most prolific tornado days in the history of the Great Plains. 

So, if you haven't already, set aside some time this weekend, to make sure your tornado safe place is ready to go, especially in Kansas and Oklahoma. 

Please also consider the story of what happens when the tornado warning system fails as it did 12 years ago in Joplin with the loss of 161 people. The paper copies sold out very quickly so we priced the online version very inexpensively at $2.99.

Finally, the special on my book Warnings sold out (thank you!) but it is still very attractively priced at $15.33 (bookstore price $24.95).

Of course, I will keep you informed in the run-up to next week -- which appears to be very active. 


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