National Weather Service Continues to Fall Apart

The latest combination tornado, large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds forecast. 
Damaging winds forecast in Virginia. Giant hail forecast in the Ohio Valley. Strong tornadoes in the Great Plains with 2-3" hail.

Yet, this is what you get when meteorologists try to view satellite images.
The National Weather Service's satellite network is down. No word on when it might be available again. This is a day where satellite imagery is essential for forecasting.

That's just the half of it. For the second time in a week, the NWS's radar network went down during the night. The red boxes are radars out of service. I took this image about 12:30am this morning. 

This is a headline from last week's outage:
The NWS is falling apart. Tornado warnings less accurate. Radar breakdowns during major tornado situations, now these latest outages. 

If the NWS could solve these issues internally, I'm sure they would. But, after years of deteriorating reliability and quality of services, it is obvious outside assistance is required. The U.S. must have a Natural Disaster Review Board. Otherwise, another Joplin-like tornado, with inadequate warning, is inevitable -- along with triple-digit fatalities. 


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