Tornado Forecast for Friday and Saturday

Friday and Friday Night

This is the forecast for all day Friday as until about 2am Saturday. Here is the color code:
  • Yellow, hatched has an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes. 
  • ? = some possibility of having to upgrade the risk in the 4-state area. The upper air indications plus a couple of the models indicate that we may have to elevate the risk in that area.
  • The entire brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes. 
Saturday and Saturday Night

Here is my forecast for Saturday. 
The red area has (on my 4-point scale) a high risk of tornadoes. The orange area has an enhanced risk and the yellow area has a significant risk.

While it doesn't seem like it, 48-hours is a long time in tornado forecasting, so this may have to be modified. However, if you live in the areas outlined, please check back with this blog for later forecasts and with local weather information on Saturday. I do frequent updates on Twitter @usweatherexpert. Please follow me for additional updates. Thank you. 


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