The NWS Data Mess Continues.....

We are now in day 7 of the NWS's crippling data mess. For those who haven't read the postings earlier this week, this past Sunday evening, the NWS data center lost air conditioning Sunday evening and managed to fry many of their servers. The problem is not fixed. For background info, please go here

A few minutes ago, I went to their precipitation site to research a piece pertaining to moisture across the winter wheat belt. I went to look up rainfall for the past seven days and this is what I found:

Editorial comment: This is what so infuriates me about the gargantuan federal deficit ($37 trillion and increasing by $1 trillion at six-month intervals). If we had a NWS that was performing great with everything backed up; gleaming highways; high-speed rail; outstanding, non-politicized healthcare across the nation; and the border secure, one could at least argue the deficit is a good investment. People would be able to capitalize on that infrastructure to build businesses and create jobs. The additional tax dollars would pay it off. 

Instead, we are throwing money away by the billions. And, what does the general public have to show for it? Zilch. The special interests and politicians are getting rich while bleeding the rest of us dry. 


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