Today's Tornado Forecast [Updated 3:30pm CDT]

Tornado watch until 11pm for most of eastern Kansas and parts of northwest Missouri. It does not include the Greater Kansas City area. You can follow my real-time storm coverage on Twitter/X at: @usweatherexpert

As of 3:28pm, thunderstorms are forming in south central Kansas.

Tornado Watch issued until 10pm for Nebraska and Iowa. It includes Lincoln, Omaha and Des Moines and Sioux City. 

In addition to tornadoes, please note that thunderstorm-generated winds of 80 mph and tennis ball-sized hail are also forecast to occur. 

The NWS just published this graphing depicting how they expect the severe thunderstorms to develop. 
The first severe thunderstorms are forecast to occur in the Lincoln-Omaha-Council Bluffs-Atlantic areas. 

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The yellow areas has an enhanced risk of a tornado. The brown area has a significant risk. 

There is also an enhanced risk of hail 2" or larger in the red area.
The yellow hatched area has significant risk. The yellow area without hatching has a significant risk of hail 1" or larger.

I will update this forecast this afternoon. 


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