Tuesday, November 30, 2021


$16.00 is an incredible price for a popular, well-reviewed book about storms. I don't know how many they will sell at this price, so click here now. 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Worsening Dry Conditions Forecast for Great Plains Next Two Weeks

Very little rain or snow is forecast to fall over the Great Plains during the next two weeks. 

Over most of this region, the Palmer Drought Index as of November 21 shows increasing dryness. 
The 2022 winter wheat crop is off to a generally good start but that will be jeopardized unless significant rain occurs in the next few weeks. 

Update: NWS' 3-4 precipitation outlook valid Dec 14 to end of the month.
Not good news in the Great Plains but great news in the West. 

Update on Cloud Seeding

I get asked about cloud seeding all of the time and I haven't had much new to tell people in recent years. So, I'm grateful to the Washington Post for a really interesting article on the topic. The bottom line is that it is finally proven that cloud seeding works in certain circumstances
Snowed-over experimental radar equipment
NCAR photo

There are two big qualifications:
  • It is only proven it works in stratiform-type precipitation in mountain areas. We still don't know for certain whether it works with thunderstorms or in areas outside of mountains. 
  • The increase of 3.3% is over what would have fallen anyway. In other words, if you don't have precipitating clouds, cloud seeding will not help.
Still it is a significant scientific advance to know for sure that cloud seeding works in those circumstances. 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Fun: Christmas Gift Suggestion For Engaged Men

News that will serve you well.
One of the very best gifts I gave Kathleen decades ago was a twin size electric blanket to go on our king size bed. 

You are welcome. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sunday Travel Forecast

Here is the forecasted precipitation for the next 24 hours ending at 6pm CST.
Most of the nation will enjoy excellent travel conditions. 

An exception, beside the torrential rail in coastal Washington is the extreme winds in Montana along and near I-90. Gusts to nearly 100 mph possible Sunday late morning. Map of Montana's leeward winds is below. 

Below is the high wind warning (gold) and the flash flood warning (green).

Here Come the Electricity Price Increases

And, there are many more coming across the country. 
Plan accordingly. 

North Korea Missile Train: Didn't Lionel Think of This 60 Years Ago?

News out of North Korea: they have developed a missile that launches from a boxcar.

When I saw the story, I thought, Where have I seen this before? Then it occurred to me: Lionel, when I was a kid. I did a little online research and, thanks to R Kitterman, I found this illustration. 
While weapons systems deployed by enemy nations are no laughing matter, it is "funny" that they took an idea from an electric train manufacturer as their latest. 

Friday, November 26, 2021

For Your Black Friday Shopping List....

If you wish to give a great, uplifting gift...
Here is a link to Amazon's page

This List is Garbage

For example, Tums, Pepto and aspirin have been around since the late 19th century. 

This list has been all over twitter the last couple of weeks. It is a hoax. I suspect, but cannot prove, it is from pro-abortion/pro-fetal research people to make us think we can't live without that type of research. 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving From WKRP!

If you have never seen it, this is unquestionably the best Thanksgiving sitcom episode of any series. It is from WKRP in Cincinnati -- a struggling rock and roll radio station -- what tries to turn around its ratings with a Thanksgiving promotion that goes hilariously wrong. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday and one of my favorites. Let's all be thankful for the blessings of liberty and prosperity. We need to work hard to keep them. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

This is Part of President Biden's "Build Back Better" Plan -- Really

I promise, every one of those extra IRS employees will be up to no good and monitoring our every moves. Call your Senator or send them an email. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

An Amazingly Calm Thanksgiving Week

Above is the precipitation (rain and melted snow) amounts forecasted to fall between now and 7pm Saturday. With the exception of the windward wide of the Cascades in Washington, no exception amounts are forecasted to fall. 

There will be some snow in the highest elevations of the Northwest but that's pretty much it between now and 6pm Wednesday.

However, if you are traveling across the central Great Plains, there will be strong south winds tomorrow. Be careful if you are traveling in a high-profile vehicle. 
Safe travels!

The Big in "Big Climate"

The campaign to shake down people, government agencies and institutions for global warming dollars continues to spend giant sums. 
The $2.4 billion is only the part that is spent on propaganda and marketing. This does not include money spent on research, windmills, solar, etc., etc. 

Why do they spend these monster sums? They aren't stupid -- they are savvy businesspeople. They make the investment because they want to force government and companies to spend even more than the trillions that have already been spent. 

These organizations especially like global warming funding because it is rife with corruption (a topic for another essay) and intimidation

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Thanksgiving Travel Update

Between now and Saturday, rainfall in the Northwest will be sufficient to cause at least localized flooding. 

Here is this week's rainfall for the entire nation. 
Safe Travels. 

Sunday Fun: Your In-Home Bowling Alley

I ran across this video the other day. If I were filthy rich, I would have a bowling alley in my home. The video shows what the installation of one would be like. 

There is a company that does this, full time. The link goes to their pricing page so you can see what that luxury costs. 

I can dream....

Friday, November 19, 2021

No Major Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Weather Problems

No major snow or rain issues between now and Thanksgiving. Below is the total precipitation between now and 6pm Wednesday. 

Here is the forecast weather for Wednesday. 

Here is a forecast of high temperatures for the day before Thanksgiving. 
Happy Travels!!

"Entire Nations Wiped Off the Face of the Earth"

Click and read for yourself. Note the date. 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

A First Look at the Thanksgiving Period Weather

This is for Wednesday, November 24 to Sunday, 28th.


I'll have more tomorrow for planing your holiday travel. 

Ketchup - Is There Anything It Can't Do?!

Every time I think the global warming alarmists can't get any more absurd, they exceed my expectations. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

In Need of Great Photography??

From my collection at Adobe Stock photography
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From my Shutterstock collection
The two companies have different points of emphasis. For example, Shutterstock has emphasized my supply chain and railroad photography more than Adobe. So, please, look at both. 

Thanks for looking!! And, most of all, thanks to those who have already licensed my photos. 

Topsy-Turvey Tornado Warnings

The above map shows the number of tornado warnings issued as of yesterday by each National Weather Service (NWS) office. The Middle Atlantic states, for them, are off the chart. Meanwhile Wichita has issued just ten; for the second year in a row a fraction of the normal number. Click to enlarge the map the map and you can see the number by each NWS office.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New York City's Overreaction to the Ira Floods

Because New York essentially ignored the outstanding forecasts of the flooding rains from the remains of Hurricane Ida, it has now reacted in a counterproductive manner. 

Early Saturday morning, a day that featured tornadoes in nearby Long Island, NYC sent out a notification for a forecast of a tenth of an inch of rain! This will quickly have the opposite effect NYC government intends --New Yorkers will tune out, or even disable, these messages. 

In the strongest possible way, I would urge the new mayor of NYC to stop with these unnecessary alerts and focus on genuine major weather-related threats. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Austin Was "Unprepared" For February Cold Wave and Winter Storm: Report

A new report has determined the City of Austin, in spite of declaring a "climate emergency" in 2019, was unprepared for February's cold wave and winter storm. 
The report correctly explains that the weather forecasts -- seven days before -- called for extreme cold and, later, winter storm conditions. But, then, it starts missing the point when it comes to the outstanding forecasts and warnings of a major winter storm for Austin. 

Here are the NWS's forecast temperatures and precipitation six days before:

In February, much colder than normal temperatures plus wetter than average conditions (snow or ice) equals something to begin plans for. 

Joe Bastardi forecasted disruption "like a hurricane" for central Texas. I took it two steps farther. These were three days in advance:"

It was not just Joe and me. Look at this forecast from the NWS three days in advance. 
It calls for two inches of snow. That is a big deal that far south (no snow removal equipment, etc.) especially with continuing forecasts of extreme cold.

Two days in advance, the NWS issued a winter storm warning for Austin (pink).

Below was AccuWeather's forecast two days before.
It had Austin on the border between snow and ice. The forecasts continued to get more dire as Sunday (14th, Valentine's Day) approached. 

Given all of these excellent forecasts the report's major shortcoming is why was all of this ignored?

And, it wasn't just the start of the winter precipitation and extreme cold. These mistakes continued.

While I would hate to see litigation start over ignored weather forecasts, I fear that may be an eventual result of all of this. Cities cannot keep making absurd decisions in the face of outstanding weather forecasts. 
In spite of the public relations stunt of declaring a "climate emergency" the report says,

And, it isn't just Austin. Tomorrow, I'll have a report on the latest ridiculous weather-related move by New York City.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Before Getting Back to Weather...

I've felt an obligation to inform my readers about how a colder than average winter and the supply chain issues the nation is current experiencing (here, among other articles) could make for an extreme difficult winter, so I've written quite a bit about it recently. 

With Thanksgiving travel coming up and some other items related to weather and climate, I want to get back to that topic tomorrow. Today, I want to write a piece about abortion and the despicable tactics of the pro-abortion media. 

This BBC article blames pro-life people for jailing a woman for a "miscarriage." It begins,

Brittney Poolaw was just about four months pregnant when she lost her baby in the hospital in January 2020. 

This October, she was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for the first-degree manslaughter of her unborn son...

-- and, later, in the article --

At the same time, several US states have passed laws making it more difficult to obtain an abortion. While people oppose abortion for different reasons, often moral or religious, one part of the argument has come to focus on the notion of personhood.

Here are the facts:
The woman was a frequent meth user. Whether one agrees with this verdict or not, it is hardly the fault of pro-life people. Meth use is illegal. It is known to be harmful babies in the womb. Neither article I have read says Ms Poolaw attempted to get an abortion. A four-month abortion is legal in Oklahoma. So, abortion has absolutely nothing to do with this case!

The mainstream media knows it is losing the "hearts and minds" of the public. It is desperate to do almost anything, including lies and distortions, to cast abortion and pro-abortion groups, in a favorable light and to libel the pro-life movement. 
Abortion is tearing our nation apart. One of the very best things that could happen would be for the Supreme Court to strike down Roe v Wade. That opinion is such bad law (forget morality for a moment) that even extreme liberals like Professor Lawrence Tribe agree it should be struck down