Before Getting Back to Weather...

I've felt an obligation to inform my readers about how a colder than average winter and the supply chain issues the nation is current experiencing (here, among other articles) could make for an extreme difficult winter, so I've written quite a bit about it recently. 

With Thanksgiving travel coming up and some other items related to weather and climate, I want to get back to that topic tomorrow. Today, I want to write a piece about abortion and the despicable tactics of the pro-abortion media. 

This BBC article blames pro-life people for jailing a woman for a "miscarriage." It begins,

Brittney Poolaw was just about four months pregnant when she lost her baby in the hospital in January 2020. 

This October, she was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for the first-degree manslaughter of her unborn son...

-- and, later, in the article --

At the same time, several US states have passed laws making it more difficult to obtain an abortion. While people oppose abortion for different reasons, often moral or religious, one part of the argument has come to focus on the notion of personhood.

Here are the facts:
The woman was a frequent meth user. Whether one agrees with this verdict or not, it is hardly the fault of pro-life people. Meth use is illegal. It is known to be harmful babies in the womb. Neither article I have read says Ms Poolaw attempted to get an abortion. A four-month abortion is legal in Oklahoma. So, abortion has absolutely nothing to do with this case!

The mainstream media knows it is losing the "hearts and minds" of the public. It is desperate to do almost anything, including lies and distortions, to cast abortion and pro-abortion groups, in a favorable light and to libel the pro-life movement. 
Abortion is tearing our nation apart. One of the very best things that could happen would be for the Supreme Court to strike down Roe v Wade. That opinion is such bad law (forget morality for a moment) that even extreme liberals like Professor Lawrence Tribe agree it should be struck down


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