Tuesday, November 9, 2021

In Washington, A "Gaffe" Is When a Politician Tells the Truth...

"Our legislation advances our mission to...realign every sector of the economy."

If that isn't proof that all of this is not about solving the global warming problem, I don't know what could make it more clear because,
We can decarbonize with nuclear and hydro! 

To solve global warming, there is no need to allow these fascists* to "realign every sector of the economy." The global warming alarmists are about power and money -- it has almost nothing to do with science or the good of the ordinary person. 

* "In general, fascist governments exercised control over private property, but they did not nationalize it. Scholars also noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Italian Fascist and German Fascist governments. Business leaders supported the government's political and military goals. In exchange, the government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies."
                                                  -- Wikipedia 

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