Unfortunately, the Green Energy Scam Continues

As if more proof was needed, the climate crowd really doesn't want to solve the global warming problem. CNBC reports....
This is a difficult assignment as CNBC is a mildly left-wing network, so it portrays the anti-nuclear forces in a sympathetic manner even though their position is utterly illogical.
"Harmon" is the former mayor of San Luis Obispo and, which CNBC fails to state, a climate activist. We learn that, instead of welcoming clean nuclear energy, she doesn't like the plant's warning sirens. 
Well, Heidi, we get to hear the tornado sirens every Monday at noon and, unlike nuclear power plants, tornadoes actually kill people! If climate activists want to get rid of power points because they don't like sirens, I would respectfully recommend a conversation with one's physician rather than removing something that helps the climate. 

If the plant is shut down, California will lose 9% of its energy. Already the state imports much of its energy -- some of which (no surprise) comes from coal. There's only one problem with that: America's entire coal supply for 2022 is already sold out! When California's new demand it added in, energy prices are going to skyrocket -- and, it will be still worse if we have a cold winter.

So, to make up for all of the nuclear plants (which require a tiny amount of space) that are being shut down by Big Climate from NY to CA, the Biden Administration is doing this:
Wind farms take up vast, vast territories because -- on the relatively few times they are working (when they aren't broken and the wind speed is between 6 and 26 mph) -- are extremely inefficient. So, it takes a lot of them to make any significant difference (and, even then, they are killing endangered birds, etc.). 

So, the "green energy" scam continues. But, that's okay because AOC is getting the news coverage she craves at the COP26 meeting
People outside of the conveniently glass-walled room
taking pictures of AOC.
The COP26 meeting continues to feature people flying in and out on private jets -- and, has generated a carbon footprint far larger than most small towns do in a year. 
Meanwhile, AOC and the other members of Congress, are responsible for passing a >$1.5 trillion 'infrastructure' bill that contains no meaningful money for nuclear energy. 

The green energy / "end global warming" scam continues unabated. 


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