"I'll Believe Global Warming Is a Crisis When the People Telling Me It is a Crisis Start Acting Like It is a Crisis"

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Last week, I provided a preview of this week's international global warming farce conference which goes by the title of "COP26." 
 Points of Origin of European and African Private Planes for the COP26 Conference
Note on the Britain Map that the Venue Could Be Reached With a
Two-Hour Train Ride
London's Daily Mail has done an extraordinary story about the level of hypocrisy amongst the delegates as manifested by their gigantic carbon footprints. More than 400 private planes flew in. Airport parking was so choked, planes were forced to fly empty to find parking spots 30 miles away. 

People like Jeff Bezos were there to protect their empires, environment be damned. 
The items being discussed were so scintillating that our president fell asleep multiple times, probably from rebreathing the carbon dioxide trapped by his mask.
And, both delegates and hangers-on have already reached the quota of dumb statements that are typical of COP meetings.
Remember: these meetings have been occurring as frequently as yearly for decades and every one is touted as our "last chance" when they are nothing of the sort. The Pope, Putin and Xi of China (now #1 polluter in the world) cancelled after their attendance was touted earlier this year. They foresaw this meeting was not going to accomplish anything useful.
From 4:30pm CDT
Dr. Roger Pielke's "iron law" (people will pay a little but will not materially cut their standard of living for global warming) is in full-force which is why President Biden is trying to get political cover from the entire Democratic delegation in Congress. They are dragging their feet because they know no one cares about global warming (see below) except the (very loud) greens and are afraid to face the voters in a year after voting to spend additional hundreds of billions (yes, that much) on wind mills and other nonsense like President Biden's "climate police" ($2.5 billion the first year).
In 2010, global warming was last among the issues facing America. 
Eleven years later, things haven't changed much in spite of billions of dollars spent on 
global warming propaganda and messaging. 
Fact: Nations like India and China are not going to cut their standards of living because of global warming. Nor are we.
In the USA, the output of coal mines is sold out through 2022 because we have over-installed unreliable wind and solar and have cut back on fossil fuel plants. In northeast Kansas, my state, they have delayed closing a coal plant that was supposed to have been closed by now. 

So, expect another few days of hot air to rise from Glasgow, a final statement about how swimmingly everything went. 

Then, keep in mind this entire issue could be easily solved with more nuclear and hydroelectric power plants -- but, that wouldn't be any fun for the greens because it would not require the remaking of American society. Remember: at root of the global warming issue is power and giant sums of money. Those are no longer in play if the problem is actually solved. 

*The title of this piece comes from Dr. Glenn Reynolds of the University of Tennessee.


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