3 Days of Big Storms [Updated]

This is a situation where people in the areas of the forecasts should closely monitor the weather. Please make sure friends and relatives are aware of the risks -- especially on Saturday. More below on Saturday's storms.  

Thursday and Thursday Night

The brown area has a significant risk. The area of yellow hatching has an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes. The red area has an even higher risk. Thunderstorms will likely form around mid-afternoon with the higher tornado threat from 6 to 10pm. 

Friday and Friday Night

The yellow area has a significant risk of tornadoes and/or severe thunderstorms. There is an enhanced risk of tornadoes in the red area. The hatching is where giant hail (2' or large is forecast to fall). Especially if you live in the red area, keep an eye on the weather Friday.

Saturday and Saturday Night

I have a bad feeling about Saturday. The first map is SPC's entire forecast area. The yellow is where there is a significant chance of tornadoes/large hail/damaging thunderstorm-generated winds. 

Below is the area where there is an enhanced risk of tornadoes and giant hail. 
If things come together just wrong, an outbreak of strong tornadoes is quite possible. There is also a significant risk of giant hail in the amber area that will extend northeast to Kansas City and into northwest Missouri. 

Addition: the National Weather Service in Wichita says, regarding Saturday's threat,
Any [supercell thunder-]storm that can remain discrete or even semi-discrete in this type 
of environment will pose significant hazards from strong to potentially violent tornadoes....
"Violent" tornadoes are defined as F-4 or F-5 intensity. 

Of course, the forecast may need to be adjusted with time. Nevertheless, if you live in the affected areas, please keep up on the weather the next few days. 


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