[8:50pm Update] Tornado Watch: Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Western Pennsylvania Radar from 8:48pm
There are many areas where gusts to 60 mph may occur and there is a chance of a brief, weak, spin-up tornado. 

The line of thunderstorms is leaving a trail of power outages. 
Customers = homes and businesses. In terms of people, about 60,000 are without power. 
As of 8:10pm, we have about 30,000 people without electricity in Ohio and about 15,000 in Pennsylvania due to high winds and tornadoes. 

This is the radar as the line of thunderstorms moved through Pittsburgh. The white symbols are lightning. 

Here is an update from the NWS SPC. The area outlined in red is where tornadoes, severe thunderstorm winds and, in some cases, large hail are most likely between now and 8pm. 

Second Tornado Watch Issued:

The tornado watch has been cancelled in Indiana. 

Radar at 4:20pm is below. That is a tornado warning (red polygon) north Columbus. 

Please keep your eyes on the weather the rest of the evening if you are in the tornado watches. 


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