A High Wind Event Begins Tomorrow

From KSNW Channel 3 News at 6pm, a graphic of wildfire locations (red). Weather satellites have the amazing ability to spot wildfires that is so good, it is often the first notification local official receive. KAKE TV tried an experiment where a satellite spotted a fire in a rural area. They called the fire department in that county and the dispatcher said, "We haven't heard anything about it." So, they went ahead and dispatched a fire truck and, sure enough...
These are controlled agricultural burns. 

Separately, here are the smoke plumes. 
University of Wisconsin
Most all of these in Kansas are prescribed burns as winds are light today. Those fires will be extinguished tomorrow before the winds increase. 

Important weather forecasts for the High Plains, Foothills and Mountains. 
Here is the color code:
  • Magenta = extreme fire danger. 
  • Gold = high wind warning. In the foothills winds may exceed 100 mph. 
  • Brown = high wind watch. 
  • Dark turquoise = winter storm watch. 
The high winds may expend east into Kansas on Saturday. 

This is one of those situations where large wildfires can start. It is absolutely vital that everyone modify their actions to insure they don't start fires.

In Colorado, there could be downed power lines and damage to structures with gusts to 100 mph. 


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