Nymphs! Brood XIX! Parasitic Fungus! OH MY!!

The story is here. The clock is ticking. When the soil temperature reaches 65°F, here they come!

The map of where the "flying saltshakers of death [and noise!]" is below. Notice, Kansas isn't affected.

If you want to get away (I wouldn't blame you), you can come to Wichita and we will entertain you with the River Festival and all of its musical groups (May 31 - June 8) and our first-ever Elsewhere Fest (June 21 and 22) with 70 musical acts. June 8 is also the date of the amazing Symphony in the Flint Hills. When I've attended, I've met people from Florida, California and from all over the nation! 

In between acts, you can take in our two water parks (keep cool!), take the kids to Exploration Place, or the Cosmosphere -- generally believed to be the 2nd best space museum in the USA. Near the Cosmosphere is Stratica -- which is an amazing underground cave (see here). 

The Australian travel writers were highly impressed with their visit. Come and visit and see for yourself!


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