Keep an Eye on the Weather Monday

Here is my interpretation of the SPC forecast for Monday and Monday night. 
I continue to be quite concerned about the potential for tornadoes Monday afternoon and night. The area within the dashed line is where hail 2" in diameter or larger is forecast to occur. 

Now is the time to make sure your tornado shelter area is ready to go:
  • Clear out the cobwebs, make sure you have fresh batteries for your flashlight. 
  • If you have an old pair(s) of shoes, put them in your shelter. If the worst happens, you won't want to walk through jagged metal, exposed nails and other debris. 
  • Add a couple of bottles of fresh water. If appropriate put a couple of diapers in your shelter.
And, insure you have at least three ways to get warnings. 
  • Fresh batteries for your weather radio, updated storm warning app for your smartphone. 
  • Insure WEA alerts are activated on your smartphone. 

There is some chance of severe thunderstorms farther east on Tuesday but it is too soon to attempt to nail that down. 


  1. Thanks for the post! Interesting to watch the forecast fluctuate.


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