Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It Is Time to Cancel the EBS Tests

I don't know about your location but in Wichita the emergency broadcast system tests have gotten out of hand. They have become daily 'events' between the tests generated by the cable systems and the tests generated by the local stations.

The fact is that the emergency broadcast system isn't needed. It is a jobs program. 

Remember: the EBS was not activated on September 11, 2001, because it was a 'regional' disaster (really!). So, the premise is that we need the government to let us know about something even bigger than September 11. Do you really believe that the TV networks and local stations won't cover something bigger than September 11?!

Here in Wichita, the tornado sirens are tested every Monday at noon. We have these near daily tests of the EBS. The National Weather Service's report on the Joplin Tornado found that people didn't respond, in part, because they heard this stuff all the time and didn't think it was important.

If they want to test it once a month, I suppose that is okay. But, we now have 'test overload' in many cities. It needs to stop.

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