Tuesday, September 3, 2019

One of the Most Important Articles You Will Read...

...from a liberal feminist.

My compliments to the author, Professor Paglia and University President David Yager for writing and living this wonderful article.  Three points:

1) “Our parents were the World War II generation,” Ms. Paglia says, “so they had a sense of reality about life.”  Parents of today's snowflakes foster a huge sense of entitlement, including paying for the $200,000 "college experience".   

2) Capitalism, she continues, has “produced this cornucopia around us." An objective view of history makes this quite clear.   Of course an objective view of history is lacking in most university environments, as can be seen in their socialist bent.

3) “I insist that capitalism has produced the glorious emancipation of women.”  Yet another example that capitalism is morally positive, as Adam Smith explained in his book, "Wealth of Nations" written in 1776.  But if you don't know Moses, chances are you have never heard of moralist Adam Smith.

Snowflake parents, you should be ashamed...

And, it is not just snowflake parents. It is schools and universities. Today's twenty-year olds not only have no knowledge, they believe that simply stating even an obvious fact about which they disagree, is hostile to them personally.

The idea of "debate" is completely foreign. I recently had a friend surprise me by refusing to have lunch with me because my ideas about global warming are different from hers. I suggested we didn't have to talk about global warming but she said it was too important to omit. Thus, the need for "safe spaces" where only people who agree with a persons' opinion can be admitted.

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