Monday, September 30, 2019

Why Don't People Care About Global Warming?

New poll. It reinforces my contention (from other polls and personal experience) that, in spite of all of the words expended the last 30 years, no one really cares about global warming.
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In spite of Big Climate spending billions to convince we send to spend more than the half-trillion dollars already spent, worldwide (GW is the biggest gravy train, by far, in the history of atmospheric science), few care. Global warming came in last of all of the possible choices.


I think the answer is easy: the people trying to convince us to care with their words demonstrate they don't care with their actions. Whether it is a royal couple taking multiple private jet flights within hours of telling us to cut our carbon footprints or scientists telling us their jetting off to Bali, Copenhagen, Cancun, etc., doesn't matter. The item below is a sarcastic comment from
Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr.

The arrogance of the alarmists doesn't help, either:

Our intelligentsia just doesn't seem to understand their actions drip with hypocrisy. People do not like it and will not respond to it. 

We need to reasonably decarbonize through new-generation nuclear power (windmills can't do the job). But, politicians will not rise to this challenge without public support. And, the public -- rightfully -- will not support this nonsense with their hard-earned tax dollars.

P.S. This is at least the second comparison (the first from the U.S. last week) comparing poor Greta to Jesus. This does not help the alarmists' cause.

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