Friday, September 6, 2019

UPDATED: The Human Toll; The Real Story of Dorian

Updated: 4:10p Friday, September 6:

I have seen a number of "GoFundMe" accounts for Bahamas relief. While some may be well intended, I've seen one that is pretty clearly a scam. 

I believe an excellent organization for Bahamas relief is the Salvation Army. You can donate here. Please do. We just did. 
Story here.

Original Posting Below:
Damage shots (courtesy ABC News) from the Bahamas:

F-5 intensity tornadoes are the strongest winds on earth. However, a Category 5 hurricane, because it is combined with the effects of water (the storm surge) produces similar damage. Please compare the above photos of the Bahamas to the damage left by the 2007 Greensburg Tornado.

Greensburg, Kansas, F-5 Tornado Damage:

There's more on the critical situation in the Bahamas here

Addition: 4pm Friday. Note the amazing image from inside the eye, below. 

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