Monday, September 23, 2019

Now, All We Have To Do Is Cease Air Conditioning Federal Buildings and We'll Be All Set

The same people who laughingly claim to be "pro-science" evidently do not have the ability to reason: blocking thousands of cars (all emitting CO2) in Washington today is perhaps not the best way to demonstrate you are serious about cutting greenhouse gases.

I happen to be -- strongly -- in favor of dispersing the federal government. If they can block a few more intersections and cut the air conditioning in federal government buildings (saving the greenhouse gas to generate the electricity to run those AC's it is just setting a good example, after all!), I suspect the political desire to disperse the federal government will pick up rather quickly.

Update, Tuesday, 10:15A: I was reminded of this.
Since the government is telling us we need to change our thermostats to cut our carbon footprint, that is all the more reason air conditioning in federal buildings needs to be permanently disconnected. This is especially true for NOAA, EPA, NASA and the others that whine about it the most.

I also recommend disconnecting the air conditioning at the headquarters of the American Meteorological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and NBC. Since they are leading the charge against "CO2 pollution" the least they can do is set a good example.

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