Do We Want Kansas to Be Primarily Known For Abortion?

NPR seems to think ending Kansas as an
abortion destination is a bad thing
Do we really want to continue to be the abortion capital of the Midwest!? Liberals from outside of Kansas (from where most of the money is coming) are playing us for chumps. 

There are excellent religious and theological arguments against abortion, but I haven't used any of them. Why? They aren't needed to encourage you to vote YES!!  

Kansas, by any measure, has economically lagged behind Texas, Oklahoma and other neighboring states. Companies do not want to move to abortion-intensive areas just like they do not wish to locate near strip clubs, meat packing or rending plants. 

One good way to start to turn economy around would be to put abortion back into the realm of Kansans and our representatives rather than an activist Kansas Supreme Court -- which has virtually no accountability -- and wants to expand abortion to the day before birth. 

Consider that Michigan, like Kansas, has a woman Democrat governor. Here is an excerpt from a news story from Monday:
We aren't seeing this vindictive treatment toward women who choose to keep their babies in Kansas -- yet -- because Gov. Kelly is running for a second term. If she wins reelection, everything in Kelly's history indicates we can expect this type of pro-abortion extremism here. She and her husband, according to media reports, made charitable donations to Planned Parenthood before she got into politics.

In return, Politico reports:
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • EMILY's List 
are national organizations behind Kelly and in favor of more abortion in Kansas. They are spending tens of millions of dollars!

If YES!! passes, abortion will still be legal in Kansas. There will still be care for ectopic pregnancies and other horrible medical situations. But "we the people" can put reasonable guardrails around it. If our legislators go too far in one direction or another, we can always vote them out of office. Can't do that with the courts. 

There is one additional favorable aspect to a YES!! vote and that is that it will demonstrate to the Kansas Supreme Court that its activism can backfire. I don't think they would have "found" a right to abortion in our state's constitution if they thought it would result in the people voting for an amendment that would overturn their decision. This is our opportunity to send them a message. 

Please vote YES!! on August 2. 


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