One Hour to Vote!

As frequent readers know, I am a strong advocate for voting YES!! in Kansas' special election pertaining to abortion. I make the non-religious case as to why this is right for Kansas, here.

Probably because I have been writing about it on the blog, I've gotten a few comments from readers. At least two have been concerned that this important vote was being held in an August primary election rather than the November general election. Well, based on the turnout when I voted today, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Wow! I have never waited for anywhere close to an hour before. 

While I hope most are voting YES, I want to salute the people of Kansas for coming out to vote in the primary and in the constitutional election. 

*One other thing: I've been asked who I would vote for on the Republican side for Attorney General? My vote was for Tony Mattivi. 


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