Pro-Life Means Pro-LIFE!

The lie that "pro-life people are only pro-birth" is outrageous. So, I'm posting his thread for reference to any women who wants to keep their babies but may have concerns about support and finances.

Here in Wichita, parochial school tuition is free. Yes, free. And, you do not have to be Catholic to attend (those students receive an extra study hall). This is from kindergarten through high school. We understand that, to be truly pro-life, we must assist underprivileged women keep their babies. 

The thread is below.

Nowhere in the Gospels does it say that Jesus said to build giant unaccountable bureaucracies. He told us that every single one of us has a personal obligation to help the poor. Nothing could be better than helping parents with the most important job on earth -- raising children!

For those who may have missed it, here is CBS News' story about a pregnancy center and what it does for pregnant women in crisis. 


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