Saturday, July 30, 2022

At Least Twenty-Five Killed in Kentucky Flooding

The horror stories pertaining to the Kentucky flooding continue. The death toll is now 25 with the governor forecasting the death toll will continue to rise. NBC News reports that the flooding and landslides are so severe that rescue crews have not reached some areas.

There are 18,000 homes and businesses still without power. 

Here is a map of the rainfall over eastern Kentucky from Wednesday night. 

It is hard to understand why the death toll was so high as the event was reasonably well forecasted and telephones triggered by NWS flash flood warnings went off during the night
This is exactly the type of disaster for which we need a National Disaster Review Board. Otherwise, we are doomed to continue the loss of life and property in these situations. 

--- Monday Morning Update ---
Headline from Wall Street Journal:
As of Wednesday, August 3, the death toll has risen to 37.

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