Thursday, July 21, 2022

Private Jets for the Elite -- Wood Heated Homes for the Rest of Us

...and, only if the wood is available. 

This piece is intended to be cautionary: that one should not be dependent on politicians or celebrities for your information about global warming -- especially in an election year. For them, global warming advocacy is merely fashion. To illustrate, every one of these stories was published this week.

The reason politicians' and celebrities' exhortations to cut our carbon footprints bother me is because they do not come from a place where they want to make lives better for the average person. 

Many of the advocates I have personally encountered seem to enjoy getting away with the hypocrisy of private jets (by far the most carbon-intensive way of traveling) while eco-economies like Sri Lanka's collapse with great suffering and people are forced to heat their homes with scarce wood this winter. 

Some even celebrate the hypocrites (item below from Monday):
Keep in mind this corruption isn't limited to people like British royals or "eco-warrior" Leo DiCaprio. Look at this story from Monday about the governor of New York and her flying just about everywhere by helicopter and private plane. We pay for her Montana-sized carbon footprint. 

We also pay for President Biden's 'climate czar' -- John Kerry -- and his personal jet travel.
It is worse than the CO2 they generate:
Not only do these eco-hypocrites add disproportionate amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, they foul up the air traffic control system. It takes as much effort to guide a Gulfstream to a safe landing as it does a Boeing 777. 

There are important and compelling reasons to decarbonize energy. I urge you to press congressional candidates as to their support for nuclear power and other effective ways of cutting greenhouse gas. But, please, stop listening to the nonsense that comes from Kerry, etc., which often causes more harm than good. There are solid, responsible scientists who can guide us on both a personal and policy basis. One is here. There are others. 

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