Yet Another Shocking Headline From 1988

Washington Post, yesterday
"Aggressive action." Hmm. Spending more than $5 trillion dollars, making our energy far less reliable and far more expensive. Electrifying everything. That isn't "aggressive action"?! 

The UN's goal isn't to fix the climate, it is mess with our liberty and politics. If it were otherwise, Big Climate would have been a proponent of nuclear rather than windmills 30 years ago. Had they done that, the problem would have been solved by now. All of the headlines you've seen the past two days was because the UN's IPCC released its latest climate "Summary for Policymakers." But -- surprise -- the "science" part of the report won't be released for weeks. How can quality policy be recommended if the science isn't complete?  That's because it is no longer about science.

If you don't believe me, here are tweets from two IPCC members from Monday afternoon.


And, most of all, Big Climate's #1 priority is to keep the giant dollars rolling in. Big Climate's billions are spent on public relations and political research rather than scientific research -- they expect we taxpayers to pay for that. Global warming is the only science that has its own marketing firms (example, here) that are solely focused on climate change!

For some reason, LinkedIn sends job opens to me (I am happily retired!). Take a look at the top three from Monday afternoon. Do these look like Big Climate is focused on science???

Meantime, it is hype, hype, hype
The photo that accompanied the Bloomberg story

It also worth pointing out their forecasting leaves a lot to be desired. None of the usual suspects forecasted the end of the "California's [worst] drought [in centuries]." 

California's rains keep coming. 

Disregard the hype! I can't emphasize that strongly enough. Is global warming a problem? Yes! Should we take measures to mitigate it? Yes! Those would be converting as much energy production to nuclear and hydro as quickly as possible. No more windmills need be installed; in fact, windmills are part of the problem rather than the solution. 

But we should never, ever change our politics to suit the communists (and that is what they are) who want to ban gas heating and change our political system! They are anti-humans (do you ever see them wanting to give up their private jets!?) and especially hate people like you and me. 


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