Friday, March 24, 2023

Strong Tornado in Mississippi

The blue rectangles are centers of rotation of a strong tornado that carved an 80+ mile path across Mississippi. 

Rolling Fork and Silver City were both hard hit with reported injuries.

The tornado circulation went over Winona but I have not seen confirmed damage reports, as yet. 

The power outage figures are homes and businesses. About 70,000 people are without power as of 10:40pm. 


The tornado that began along the Mississippi River west of Jackson reintensified in northeast Mississippi. Its path, in solid blue, is below. It weakened shortly after crossing into Alabama. 
There is a more northern path that affected the Oxford area, crossed into Alabama, and caused a tornado that went past Muscle Shoals. The path does not appear to be continuous. There is video of the tornado in the area.  

Update: 1:10am

This will be my last report for the night. I'll have more later today (Saturday).

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