Sunday, March 12, 2023

Northeast Winter Storm Now Looks to Affect Coastal Cities

Here is the current National Weather Service winter storm watch.
Color codes:
  • Deep blue = winter storm watch
  • Brown = high wind watch
Note that it does not include NYC, Providence or Boston. I believe that will change later today as the new data coming in this morning shows the storm will take a more southerly path than originally expected. 

Here is the forecast weather for 8a EDT Tuesday.
The snow is depicted in blue with the heavier rates of falling snow in the darker shades. Purple is mixed precipitation. Green is rain and yellow, thunderstorms. Please take this into consideration if you are planning to travel the Northeast Tuesday. Flying conditions will be okay Monday, so you may wish to move up your flight. 

Below are the predicted snowfalls -- and, this storm will be comprised in most areas of heavy, wet snow. 
The above is from the latest ECMWF model, but the other models show the same southward shift. Near the coast, there will be high winds which will cause power failures and blowing snow. 

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