Monday, March 27, 2023

We Should Appreciate TV Meteorologists

Brian Stelter îs the former media correspondent for CNN. For the first time to my knowledge, a professional media critic reviewed the television tornado warnings from a major tornado outbreak. In this case, it was the Jackson, MS stations. As you know, that tornado has received a preliminary EF-4 rating (top 1.5% in intensity) and killed 26. I believe that what he found surprised him as to the quality of the warnings and other weather coverage. 

You can read his comments (a series of tweets) here. An example of one of them is below.

I'd like to add a comment: Television meteorologists (the ones with a BS in meteorology or higher) are -- generally -- quite under appreciated and, in the small to medium markets, usually vastly underpaid. In tornado alley, they work grueling hours in the spring. 

A degree in meteorology, with all of the physics, chemistry and calculus that goes with it, is a really, really tough degree. Much more difficult than, say, business. In order to have their various seals of approval, they must do continuing education. The pressure of being continuously on the air for hours in a life and death situation like Friday's is incredible. They will almost certainly suffer from PTSD after an event of this nature. 

So, I urge you, when an event like this occurs in your area, drop a note of appreciation in the mail or send an email. If you see them in a restaurant, offer to buy them dinner or a drink. They will greatly appreciate it (especially if you do not interrupt their meal other than to give them a brief compliment). 

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